King Leonidas Voice Pack v1.0



King Leonidas, a visionary Greek hero-king of Sparta from the 2007 violent epic action film 300, played by Scottish actor Gerard Butler. Sergeant Todd invented this voice pack first, as a conclusion, this guy is a part of Serverpack for UT2004 made by the author himself and automatically permitted to convert this guy (as seen on the ReadMe file). This voice pack has the whole base in Orders, Others and Taunts (except the Name sounds which I afaik cannot find). Ill keeping the original texts in the Orders and Others section because I dont want to make a full quotes excluding my other VPs because it shows you up on how what a teammate or bot is telling you. Youll get a fantastic fragging suprise when this guy says it all (a very good taunt quotings). The sounds are NTSC audio format with 8-bit, 22 kHz mono .WAV files.

Contents: 9 Acknowledgments 0 Names 5 Friendly Fires 7 Orders 32 Other/Miscellaneous 32 Taunts


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