Shogo MAD Sanjuro Skin and Voicepack



Sanjuro Skin and Voicepack

Created 01/04/02, Updated 04/01/2012

Preview: http://i.imgur.com/dXala.jpg

This is a skin of the character Sanjuro Makabe from the PC game Shogo:MAD by Monolith, along with a matching voicepack full of wise cracking lines from the game. To use, make sure your class is Male Commando, and select the skin Sanjuro. You can choose a different face to put on sunglasses and there are color uniforms for each team.

To install, simply run the umod file. This will also setup bot 27 to use the skin and voicepack. If umod installing does not work, use the Paradox Productions UT registry fixer, or extract files with UMOD Browser and install manually.

If doing manual install, be sure to add these entries to UnrealTounament.ini: ServerPackages=Sanjuro ServerPackages=CommandoSkins_Sanjuro

Long live UT99 and Shogo: Mobile Armor Division!

Enjoy, sanjurom


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