Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption
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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
London Maps Guest 2.9MB 60
New York Maps Guest 3.98MB 9
Vienna Maps Guest 2.72MB 4
Prague Map Guest 7.58MB 62
Avantars Inn Guest 169KB 4
Bunker Haven Guest 104KB 4
Bunker Haven Guest 12KB 4
Grimm Haven Guest 341KB 4
Jelan's Map Pack Guest 1.62MB 5
Nite Club Guest 1.82MB 6
Princes Rooms Guest 114KB 5
The Agent Society Guest 136KB 314
The Art Gallery Guest 39KB 153
The Black Rose Guest 212KB 354
The Green Dragon Inn Guest 213KB 3
Touch Up of Four Stags Guest 173KB 3
Vinnas Cafe Guest 965KB 292
A Private House Guest 48KB 4
Ancient Arena Guest 223KB 4
Corner Office Guest 417KB 4
Lafayette Cemt No 1 Haven Guest 403KB 4
Stone gate Tower Guest 31KB 3
The Raven Guest 499KB 6
The Warrior's Rest Inn Guest 641KB 3
Camarilla Colosium Guest 1.34MB 6
Chapell-indoor Guest 167KB 5
Detailed Winerack Guest 37KB 5
5 Deck Galleon Guest 582KB 7
Town House 01 Guest 63KB 5
Private House Guest 1.18MB 34
Elysium outside Guest 375KB 5
Fountain Guest 21KB 5
URNS Guest 84KB 5
After Hours Office Guest 347KB 5
Angelsk by Night Guest 2.68MB 7
Bookstore and Alley Guest 3.84MB 8
Castle Feast Hall Guest 128KB 5
Castle Feast Hall Guest 776KB 6
Fuzz's Crypt Ver1.5 Guest 1.15MB 33
Gangrel Haven (Day Guest 505KB 11
Gangrel Haven (Night) Guest 508KB 8
GIoVanNi BroTherHood of BloOd HaVen Beta Version Guest 56KB 6
Gothic Mansion Guest 96KB 7
Grimm Subway (version 1) Guest 1.23MB 6
Hospital Guest 587KB 8
House in the forest V.1 Guest 189KB 5
Roman Inn Guest 144KB 210
Single Player Game in Multiplayer Guest 16KB 186
Judith Bridge Rehash Guest 916KB 36
Solo Game plus Prague by day Guest 12KB 358
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