Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

From the creators of the #1-selling action/strategy game of all time comes a new generation of chaos. Cunning, sinister, and seemingly unstoppable, the demonic Burning Legion prepare to launch their l...

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Ultimate showdown captianbadass 81KB 27
White TD Final Ultimate v.3.50 gg_2_you) 351KB 93
Planet Escape Team TD SlickR 207KB 20
Azeroth Goldrush DoOs_101 1.04MB 108
Into the Breach Daniel (TheDark) 266KB 20
WarZ!!!! Titan105 41KB 41
Winter Wonderland 3.9.9 Protected Final xxterry1xx 2.11MB 80
RainVill 1.0 Protected xxterry1xx 131KB 31
Legendary Stage Challenge Destiny.Knight 1.39MB 121
Undead Woods JNC 40KB 57
Additional TFT Melee Maps Not Included In Official but Out-of-date Warcraft III Machiner Productions 914KB 169
Le Stick's TD map pack Le_Stick 57.82MB 615
Planet Escape Team TD SlickR 998KB 97
Team Micro Arena S]l[as]h[er 334KB 77
lost templeV1.25 Titan105 262KB 65
lost templeV1.25 Titan105 262KB 35
Chronicles Of Drexel DrWee 185KB 179
Modern_War SGT_Death117 191KB 1574
Hands of Defending Ancients LgIsHere 3.41MB 271
City Of Hell {LoD 471KB 163
Modern_War SGT_Death117 182KB 160
Modern_War(1.0) SGT_Death117 182KB 80
Middle Earth Risk Kamulec 3.48MB 215
Burke Zombie Attack Voodew 254KB 223
Luck Game Razor2 604KB 78
Team Micro Arena - Legendary S]l[as]h[er 310KB 119
Line Tower Wars Tingle 211KB 421
Gangbang TD l3usY_ChilD 433KB 463
LOAP Expanded Town BETA Der Vampire 88B 223
Helm's Deep Misa Bajcetic 2.8MB 306
WOAR Glodes 4MB 355
Winterspring Wargames 0.70 BETA WinterspringWargames 1.52MB 259
Battle.Lan battlelan@hotmail.com 118KB 786
Team Micro Arena S]l[as]h[er 304KB 107
ninja duels advanced 2.2 deathsin 1.25MB 354
White TD FINAL ULTIMATE v.3.40 gg_2_you) 347KB 419
Battle of Helms Deep dark_jedi_9999 79KB 214
WOW rage v2.6 Shreder255 3.44MB 323
Gangbang TD l3usY_ChilD 423KB 279
WOAR Glodes 4MB 112
WOAR Glodes 3.97MB 36
Team Micro Arena S]l[as]h[er 299KB 130
Sandy Plains ShinyPickle 99KB 43
Playhouse TD l3usY_ChilD 536KB 385
Kel´thuzad´s lair Vamk 58KB 166
Footman Wars Skillz Beta NightElfSoldier 196KB 224
Naga Raid, Scourge vs Sentinel Excalibar 130KB 310
Team Micro Arena SIasher 291KB 340
Winterspring Wargames WinterspringWargames 1.56MB 88
Warlords and Regiments (WaR) bountygiver 3.41MB 259