Footmen Frenzy 4.0 Released!

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Well its finially out folks! The long awaited Footmen Frenzy version 4.0 is here and ready for download! Check out the featured files section for more information on it or just click HERE! Heres a run down according to HatoUP (Map Creator) direct from the Clan NoHunters forums:
Source: Clan NoHunters Spell immunity removed from NE Tier 1 no longer benefits from the racial upgrade Removed Health pendant Weakened mana pendant Multiple heroes’s modified for new changes Creeps lose fortified armor. Stuns/silence on creeps weakened. Over creeps weakened. Ravage and Falcon have a new skillset. Lots of hero skills modified to compensate for changes. list of changes that I wrote down* Gave most creeps normal armor (blank has reduced speed, 0 armor for his fort armor) Reduced duration on Panda ultimate Song of power on goatzilla reduced to 35% instead of 50% fixed most of the tooltips reported increased gold cost of rod of envy reduced overall damage that flamestrike does and it's area. increased area of blizzard SLIGHTLY. increased cursed axe to 20str/agility bonus removed health pendant remove silence on pocky remove spell immunity on glaives but increased their hp. Movement speed reduced slightly. reduced effectiveness on lit shield for newt. reduced area of tranq on kotg. Increased cooldown, slightly reduced duration. Holy light change: increased cooldown Divine shield change: Increased cost. nerfed renegade wizard by reducing effectiveness of purge and brilliance. Reduced his HP. reduced range on firebolt for Jamie high priest reduced range and increased cooldown on ensnare for bob the newt. Reduced duration it works on heroes. ravage changed - mana burn, blink, entangle / charm. Increased spawn speed of spellbreakers by 1 second. dryads spawn a tad faster. pendant of mana made 250 mana Blank movement speed reduced, reduced armor, reduced HP regeneration. Jaood new skillset. Bloodlust, Windwalk, Drunken Haze, Vengeance. Increased str to summon bear for Beastmaster. Lvl 6 bear now has cleaving (weaker version then panda ultimate). reduced chance of bash. Panda ultimate cleave is weakened slightly, also hp and hp regen reduced slightly. KOTG force of nature lvl 6 reduced to 15 summons. Reduced frost tower firebolt range, increased cooldown, reduced duration on hero for stun. Tinker (ultimate) turned into avatar Demon Hunter (reduced immolation range at high levels) Knight armor increase is set to 3 instead of 2. Falcon new skillset. Summon Bear, Hex, Vamp aura, Transmute. Added masda/mcnasty creeps. For fun. Reduced cost of shockwave on TC by 10. panda breath of fire increased to 110 and level 6 to 200. quilboars removed immunity at level 6. increased range on rifleman. Increased strength of fan of knives slightly. Changed around summon hawk so level 6 is weaker, but all other levels are a bit stronger. Reduced cast range on Forked lighting. Increased cost and cooldown. reworked paladin divine shield. So now it's a shorter duration but also short cooldown. None of this 1 minute camp you in the face, but it will be more useful I think.
Enjoy folks!! -SMC
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