Human PAL as first VS Ud -Human Top Strategy 1st

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PAL(Paladin) as Human's first hero is one of tendency when Human vs UD. Now I summarize some strategies for this play style. Match up maps: EI,TS and 1on1 maps Match up races:UD First hero: PAL Hero ability:1.Holy Light -2.Divine Shield -3.Holy Light -4.Divine Shield -5.Holy Light Build order:Altar - Barracks -Lumber Mill -another base -Shop -Blacksmith -Workshop -Gryphon Aviary. Main units:Siege Engine,Flying Machine,Knight,Gryphon Rider. Tactic processes: First stage: Four peasents mine gold,one build Altar this same time build more peasents,the 6th peasent build Farm,the 7th build Barracks,the 8th build Farm,the 9th collect gold,then 10 -13 peasents harvest timber ,then buid 5 - 6 Footman. Quickly remove the creeps guarding Mercenary Camps or Goblin Laboratory,as PAL out of the Altar.If so,PAL should be level 2.You could consider to buy mercenary compare with UD.When UD run away,lead your Footman and Militia to creat another gold mine.Now PAL must be level 3,if not creeps some little creeps to reach it. It is time to build Lumber Mill at main base,if lumber is not enough for the Militia creeping,you could by a Goblin Shredder if the map have Goblin Laboratory. Middle stage: This stages goal is defend main base and the second base.So build 3-4 tower is necessary,remember to upgrade a Arcane Tower and others is to Guard Tower.UD player must be constant harassmenting at the same time so hold out till Tower and second base is finished.When Tower and base is over,build shop at main base or your second base,upgrade level 1 city defense at Lumber Mill,and tech to tier 2. Level 3 PAL is shocking for UD,as he armed with Boots of Speed,Potion of Invisibility and Staff of Teleportation.Use Potion of Invisibility sneaking into UD main base to kill Acolytes.You have level 2 Holy Light,cheers for this,ahahah.Kill Ghouls is a good idear too.As PAL harassing,reaching to tier 2,build your Blacksmith,and go on building Towers at main base and second base till you have 7-9 towers.You always have towers so UD harass you is not easy. Development stage: At Middle stage,If UD defense of his base you can use Divine Shield or Staff of Teleportation till have enough Mana.Lets return to heal up and do those again and again.When reached to tier 2 don't hesitate to upgrade tier 3 and summon second hero MK (Mountain King). PAL and MK two-Line action :PAL always harass and Mk with several units to creep.At the half of reaching tier 3,put down two or three Workshop and output Siege Engine or Flying Machine,the same time upgrade Black Gunpowder to level 3.Once you have 3 Siege Engine upgrade Barrage as soon as possible.Upgrade level 3 city defense when you tech to tier 3.Ok lets build more and more Siege Engine till have 6-7. Fighting in the late Now lets look your army,6-7 Siege Engines or two group of Flying Machine.If your elementary untis is less you can bulid Knight and Gryphon Rider.but it is doesn't matter for the whole army.YOU! have level 3 attack and level 3 defense Siege Engine.Order them to destroy UD's main base.GG! Questions: It is for sure that we have not enough lumber for we use 2-3 Workshop.So let your main base and second base all have Lumber Mill and upgrade Lumber Harvesting and at least 8 peasents to harvest lumber.If the map have Goblin Laboratory it is a good idear to buy a Goblin Shredder. Tactic flaws: 1.Don't let your PAL drop dead,may be one death is whole failed. 2.Know clear whether your opponent is mass destroyers,if right mass more Tower is necessary or your second base will be fall. 3.More flaws need to find you can tell me in war3chat.com. P.S. I am a chinese guy and my English is poor.Sorry for this but I can study hard to make my English well. By the way if you have more or particular strategies for warcraft 3.Please discuss it with me at http://www.war3chat.com.Looking forward to your join.

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