Interview on the Frozen Throne

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Today, an interview popped up at gamespy, conducted on the Frozen Throne. Here is a snip: GameSpy: How is the world editor being upgraded? Rob Pardo: We're enhancing the World Editor in lots of ways. One of the main features that we're introducing is the Custom Campaign feature. This feature allows map designers to string maps together that directly affect each other. That is, map designers can now create a series of connected missions, and in these missions, what a player does in one map can be "remembered" and carried over to other maps. For example, a campaign creator can create triggers that may require a player to return to a previous map and fulfill an objective with newly found quest items before being able to continue in the current map. Map designers will also be able to create cut scenes and voiceovers to make their campaigns transition seamlessly from one mission to the next. Read the rest of the interview here
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