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Published by Hfx-Rebel 13 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
It is our pleasure to introduce the newest mod in the works for Warcraft III-The Frozen Throne, prepare yourself for the impending release of Deep tidings! Among other things, this mod aims to bring back the Naga as a fully playable race; After hearing about this project, I find my intrest in it quite high! This has definitly piqued my curiosity, and I look forward to hearing more about it in the future!
Gather Coatls for a lightning-speed assault on the enemies, or train the ridiciously expensive and powerfull Royal guards to stomp your opponents to oblivion. Crush his fleet with your army of amphibious units or utilise the devatastating magic of the Mur'Gul Raincaster, the Naga Sea Witch or the Naga Templar. You have the responsibility and the power to decide the outcome of every engagement. If your opponents are lucky there will be enough of them left to bury the others.
The video and screenshots have made to my inbox, the screenshots have been added here, and the video is located here. Be sure to have a look! The author is also looking for some talent to lend a hand with this mod...
We are currently looking for a concept artist for the pre-production assets of our mod. Concept Artists should have good traditional illustration and coloring skills, and must be able to deliver high-quality concept art colored or sketched in in a Jpeg format. Former experience with mods is a plus. Send an email with samples and portfolio to if interested.
Let's see some community support, if you have some spare time, and the know-how, why not contact Vincent!?
Also, I'd like to add that I will be running occasional betatests of Deep Tidings as custom games on TFT Bnet, open to everyone. These games will be either named "Deep Tidings Betatest" "Naga mod Betatest". Everyone is welcome!
What more could you want?
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