Star Wars The Journey - Back from the dead!

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Did you think it was gone forever? If you did, then you're wrong! Torch has just announced that he will continue his mod, Star Wars The Journey, right from where he left off. The original team has disbanded due to "extreme business" of the members. This is where you come in. Torch needs anyone that can help be it with mapping, modelling, voice acting or triggers.
[In] the next period I will be looking for new team members, repairing our website and finishing the story. So, if you're interested in joining the new SW:TJ team, please contact me...
Torch's email address is Star Wars The Journey is a total conversion mod that casts you as Dace, a young boy trying to discover the meaning of his life in the universe. The game will take place on Dace's homeworld Tatooine, as well as a many other Star Wars locals that fans will immediately recognize. Star Wars fans who play Warcraft 3: rejoice! This is one mod that you won't want to miss.
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