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A few days ago wc3campaigns has posted a news thread about new heroes and several other things. Here it is:
Heroes: NE - Warden: Blink(Instant short range teleport), Fan of Knives(The Warden spins around relelasing Knives in all directions), 2 Abilities unknown(But it seems her ultimate is passive--the description was vague) Orc - Shadow Hunter: Hex(Turns any Unit into a random critter--pig,frog,sheep etc), Healing Wave(Think of chain lightning but heals your own units), Serpent Tower(sets up a tower that has the range of normal towers), Ultimate(Not named, renders all units nearby invulnerable till the SH is dead or stunned, channeling type spell) Humans - Blood Mage: Banish(Makes a unit invisible/invulnerable for 30 seconds--friend or foe), Flame Strike(I'm sure you've all read this one by now), Mana Flare(Shoots a disco ball thingy into a sky that hits all units, including heroes, that have mana with a lightning bolt), Mark of Fire(Turns a unit into a fiery Inferno-ish thing) Undead - Crypt Lord: Impale(sends a spike at a unit, then throws it in the air), Carrion Scarabs(Summons 2 crypt fiendish things), Thorny Shield(Lets him burrow into the ground and send spikes out of his back, making him nearly invulnerable), Locust Swarm(Sends locusts at the enemy, causing constant damage to the unit) Other notables: Crypt Fiends can burrow and are invisible to everything but air.(think Zerglings) Necromancers can raise ranged Skeletal Mages. Race-specific Shops: Orc - will sell healing items.(Thats all it says o_O) NE - Moonstones(Turn day to night) New Items: Chest of Gold- Instant 250 gold. Tome of Retraining- Lets you take away/use skill points Philosophers Stone- Lets you take another item you have, and turn it into a different item the SAME level as the one you chose first
This news however is totally unconfirmed. The question is who gave that informaton to war3pub (wc3campaigns taken this info from them). To many it sounds like a bluff. And I must admit I'm one of these people. However according to information I aquired on the site of the polish distributor of the game (Cd-Project) this info seems correct. As quoting will not work since the text is in polish this is additional info I found: NE Unit: Mountain Giant- Enormous unit with two still unknown abilities. Really strong. Ork Unit: Ork Batrider: An ork riding a bat. Abilities unknown. Human Unit: Dragonhawk: Is the elven unit going to join the alliance as aregular unit? Spell Breaker: A unit capable of removing positive buffs from enemies and putting them on allies and vice versa. One of the new tilesets is to be called Sunken Ruins. Two are still unknown As for the campaign first we play the Night Elves then humans and then Undead. The orc campaign is to be a separate story... Does it mean the undead will win? Or will they be good by then?
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