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Published by dreadlord12 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Warcraft3files.com is Hiring!! We are looking for dedicated individuals of proper maturity and skill to Volunteer to help update and continue the site. The General requirements are:

You must have a good command on English. Grammar & Spelling errors looks unprofessional You must have access to a computer at least sometime during each day You must be aware of copyrights, and be able to quote sources and give credit Must have decent bandwidth, most jobs would require some uploading Here is what we are looking of as of 09/07/2008

4 -File Posters 2 -News Posters

Here are the requirements to become a File Poster:

Great Bandwidth: You need to be able to upload large files, and often. Some of the files can get pretty big Extended Online Time: You need to be available to check for new files often. You will be working as a team, but file posting is a bit of work. You will need to work with the News Team to post files they find, and give them links to put in their news posts. If you feel that you meet the requirements, please send the information to HERE

Here are the requirements to become a News Poster:

You will need to be online often throughout the day, to check for the latest news It is important that you are able to quote your sources! You will need to work with the file posters, alerting them of new files, and posting links to those files in your news articles. If you wish to apply for a file poster, a news poster, please apply HERE

--Warcraft3files.com Staff

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