WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos
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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
The Battle of Asgenar Klannbermann 192KB 245
Rival Shores Robert O. Gunnarsson 104KB 1,331
The Fallen Angels Joshua Hawthorn 147KB 491
Slaughterhouse ( Anti Rush ) IraqiDrunk 34KB 430
Islands of their own Dennis Ruple 39KB 358
Down The Drain Theodore Sagendorf 132KB 370
Naturly Barry Arthas19 256KB 445
4 New Creeps Guest 309KB 1,516
Close Yet Far Guest 269KB 433
The Forest War Jason Sim 26KB 183
Barren Wasteland Andrew Meloncelli 144KB 346
The land of Centaurs Guest 89KB 380
Travel Emin Turan 148KB 214
A Snow Ball's Chance Arceri 161KB 552
The Deepest Dungeon Corban 136KB 323
Scotts Map Scott WYltk 293KB 256
Folcan Mod Folcan 67KB 287
Frozen Terror Corban 190KB 181
Frozen Terror Corban 203KB 596
Chaotic Wars Thakker 82KB 445
Runabout Blizzard Entertainment 206KB 207
Russian cafe lost temple gosulingone 134KB 145
Lost temple with 4 new races Henry Montag 282KB 1,359
Clover Castle DonJue 115KB 377
The Desert Between Your Ears Arceri 220KB 190
Snow Pearl Mudkicker 89KB 182
No Rush 2v2 DamnedDenizens 47KB 264
Mendars Throne Ulric 67KB 277
Russian cafe lost temple gosulingone 134KB 351
War on Kalimdor: TRoTP **-rAnTrAx-** 73KB 570
Creature Features Mr_Shrimp 112KB 449
Warrior Of The Marsh FakeBenevolence 123KB 245
Surface Tension ace8265251 162KB 306
Close Yet Far wolfblitz101 98KB 339
Spiritual Forest Samus_1 140KB 245
Walls of Defense the almighty Lime 203KB 334
Battle Isles CHRIS_PIKE 108KB 344
Outland Wastes Muldav 67KB 268
XMash Miljenko 88KB 289
Ice Forge Blizzard Entertainment 127KB 245
Hellfire Blizzard Entertainment 106KB 268
Rune Scape XJ700T 151KB 628
The Valley of Death Eleandor 140KB 651
Infernal Arena Exploding Cow 136KB 344
Revenge of the Blacrock Clan bounty hunter2 67KB 720
Island Gold Rush Foolhardy 167KB 117
Four Corners Golph 125KB 123
Felwood Prospects Foolhardy 163KB 147
Soulchess Laosh'Ra 3.37MB 538
Starter TJ aka Kira 919KB 215
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