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All Files In WarCraft III: Reforged Campaign
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Campaign The Retake of Silvermoon

Single Player Campaign; control the High Elves to attack the Scouge which infest the outskirts of Silvermoon, and destroy their Demon Gate....


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Campaign Shadows in the Night: part 1

Fight both the green tortured elves also known as orcs and the vile ruthless undead soldiers.


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Campaign Cheese Nostrum

A single player map with some twists and twisted humor. Be the sheriff and safe the city!


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Campaign Warhazzard: Return of Darkness

This is a custom add-on for warcraft 3 single player. It has a good story line so a must to download and you will sure enjoy!!! Just down...


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Campaign Glade Runner Introduction

This is an introduction cinematic for the Glade Runner campaign coming with custom music! Current situation: The lands of Kentau have...


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Campaign Coreo Muere

This is a nice map and a lot of fun to play. I cannot read the description cause the creator wrote it in spanish :/


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Campaign Escape

The "escape" campaign; This zip file contains six different maps for your playing pleasure!


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Campaign Skull Island

Here's 1st scenario and following interlude. The scenario has some extra sounds and includes a couple of cut-scenes. Size: Medium Tilese...


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Campaign Journey's of Furlong - The Lost Child 1.01

Join the exploits of Dick Furlong as he uncover a mysterious force threatening the safety of the world. ...


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Campaign LoTR: Mt Doom

This is the battle @ Mt Doom from the first Lotr movie. d/l and put it in your war3/maps dir


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Campaign Shipwrecked: Against all odds

Description: Your ship has set sail with three hundred passengers onboard heading to Kalimdor. You run into the Maelstrom and most of the sh...


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Campaign Mutant Undead part 1

Some of the undead have mutated and no longer answer to anyone, they are a threat tot everyone! Something needs to be done...


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Campaign Rise of Krill

Rise of Krill was the first community released campaign ever. I features tons of new things such as edited menu, spells, models and skins. T...


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Campaign The Commander

The Commander is a Add-on for any map. It uses one custom trigger and five custom AI files. Combining the power of those two you can get the...


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Campaign The Spider Queen

See the birth of a little spider and raise her to spider queen status. 10 Map campaign with voices from original warcraft voice actors.


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Campaign New Race MOD

The new race mod is a mod that replaces all the orginal warcraft 3 races with new ones: Humans are replaced with Wood Elfs, Orcs with Trolls...


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Campaign New Race MOD patch

New in 3.1: - New Models! And "alot" of them too: NEW LIZARDMEN MODEL: - Lizardmen Defender - New Skins! NEW CHAOS SKINS: - FelH...


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Campaign The Silmarillion

Wow. Who ever did this sure did put a lot of work into it. Everything in this map is customized, hence the large file size, which makes this...


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Campaign Jonathans Great Journey

The story continues, Jonathan left the orcs to hurry to Grundhal where the siege on the city already have begun. Can he possibly make it?...


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Campaign Panda Campaign Prolouge

Pandaren Campaign Prolouge: Fall of Silvermoon (Campaign map three) This is a cinematic that informs us on the upcoming events with Samar...


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Campaign A Pandarian's Destiny

A journey to the Mountains of Pandaria to locate a famous prophet soon becomes a journey to survive for a young Panderan chief; Is he strong...


Campaign Deandra's Tale BRONZE edition

Fourteen thousand years ago, there was a young elf woman by the name of Deandra. She was a naive little girl who daydreamed about nonsensica...


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Campaign Prophecy (Pandaren Campaign Map Two)

This is Prophecy, which is map #2 in the campaign A Pandarian...


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Campaign Hunt for the Blood Elves

Shortly after the last line of the infamous Dath'Remar - Prince Kael'thas rescinded from the High Elf Order to form the Blood Elves, many...


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