WarCraft III: Reforged

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Cutscene An Argument

I really don't know what to think of this lill movie... I probably just don't get it :P Its about a peon and a peasant about something, oh...


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Cutscene The Worst Comic in Azeroth

Size: Tiny Tileset: Lordaeron Summer This is a humorous cinematic sequence created with the Warcraft 3 editor which details the performa...


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Cutscene The Hamster Wars (Sneak Preview)

This is just a sneak preview on the upcoming The Hamster Wars. A campaign by Commmander Carl. Unzipped it on to your Warcraft III map dic...


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Cutscene Creatures of the Night

"What is Creatures of the Night?" you're probably wondering. Well this project began on November 6th 2002, at first, I wanted to test out...


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Cutscene I'll rule the world Episode 1

Movie: Supposed to be the worst comedy ever created...


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Cutscene The War of the Three Hammers Part I

YAY! Finaly post map XD Anyways The War of the Three Hammers Talk's about the dwarf civil war that happend 230 years before Warcraft I I...


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Cutscene Talkshow Cutscene

A short talkshow with a PitLord and an undead archer.