WarCraft III: Reforged

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All Files In WarCraft III: Reforged Cutscene
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Cutscene Ghost Hunter

That was refreshing!! I finally found something to review other then maps! Not that so many maps is a bad things, but really it is nice to...


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Cutscene Bond

A little Movie! Download and see if you like it.


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Cutscene Special Abilities

This is a Test for The Mega Flash and Lightning Storm Special Abilities. The Lightning Storm Special... I don't know if you will like...


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Cutscene The War of the Three Hammers II Trailer

Here's the Trailer for WotTH part II (War of the Three Hammers) It's REALLY REALLY SHORT (1 min:30 seconds) See YA AND ENJOY!!!! JnM P...


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Cutscene Simple War Movie

It's just a simple orc vs human movie.


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Cutscene Jerhika Trailer

A nice sneek peak at an upcoming map that will be released sometime in August...this cutscene does a great job showcasing this map, and will...