WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
The Trenches Guest 31KB 452
Action Heroes RPG Guest 286KB 7635
Runners_1 Guest 117KB 444
La Roque Guest 35KB 399
Creature Forest v1.3 Guest 392KB 680
Creature Forest v1.3 pc31 228KB 803
Dota Allstars Guinsoo 1.7MB 56229
Justice for all Guest 562KB 2084
Planet Escape Team TD SlickR 182KB 1125
Planet Escape Team TD SlickR 199KB 1575
World of Middle Earth gandalf_03246 2.7MB 971
Shrine of the Old Gods Antsu 94KB 355
Battlefield Warcraft Mynx 96KB 2174
War of the Damned Nantuko_Husk 830KB 700
The Fall of the Paladins Eleandor 180KB 1758
Horian Center mladenkruljac 95KB 202
Hell VS Heaven Guest 1.81MB 7499
Swat Aftermath redscull 1.37MB 1182
Diego Arena diego 48KB 576
Artifact Wars deathisu 197KB 534
Evolution deathisu 174KB 1177
Fortress Defend darrell 31KB 749
Star Gate Atlantice darrell 113KB 907
Five Man Frenzy TheJediSlayer 43KB 655
Predators of Earth Eleandor 6.54MB 611
Planet Escape TD SlickR 138KB 1197
Bomber Command Blizzard Entertainment 580KB 844
DDay 16F Dh- Neo 1.94MB 2415
Tactical Commanders wantok 123KB 292
PolyMD AnarkiNet 121KB 188
Kidnapped BlazingFury 55KB 266
Mortar Ball iNfraNe 229KB 478
Barbarian Uprising - Version 1.0 Beta niro 3.25MB 1347
Azeroth's Arcane Arena Blade.dk 591KB 1283
Elimination GaDDeN 1.36MB 758
Day of the Damned II Antsu 2.26MB 1739
DDay: Judgement Dh- Neo 3.27MB 3186
Team circle TD SlickR 2.09MB 286
Team circle TD SlickR 2.09MB 779
SheepGuard TD Olband 198KB 946
Zone Wars Evil-FlasH 248KB 115
Zone Wars Evil-FlasH 254KB 366
Dragons Roost ss2gohan 169KB 302
DDay: Judgement Dh- Neo 3.29MB 5420
Azeroth's Arcane Arena Blade.dk 462KB 2603
NOTD Aftermath Azazel_ 2.5MB 2469
Footman INSANE Palermo1 5.19MB 2794
DDay: Judgement Dh- Neo 3.31MB 5865
Explore the Ruins CastleOrange 1.38MB 1529
Posion TD Hidden_inf 339KB 907