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Maps Winterspring Wargames 0.70 BETA

Winterspring Wargames is a map for Warcraft3 The Frozen Throne, inspired by the popular Rabbits vs Sheep by Gateaster. The concept is tha...


Maps Tropical Tag

A revolutionary Tag game that seeks to set a new standard for the genre. Adds many new dynamics not found in any other Tag, and eliminates a...


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Maps The World Tree & The New Moonwell

well this is my first map and my first submission


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Maps DotA Big Game Hunters

-A LOT of bug fixes, hero and item balances, a few new/modified heroes for each race. -Many things have been made to improve game speed (a...


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Maps D Day

This the result of everyday hard work. 3 corridors ultimate edition. 3 corridors alternative. more than 80 heroes and 80 custom spells. 204...


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Maps Shipwrecked Part 1

To be played/watched with Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne V1.14 and up This map is meant to be watched like a movie not played like a nor...


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Maps Footmen Frenzy

The new Footmen Frenzy of HatoUp and clan NoHunters. Because there are multiple file names on Battle.net but it still is the same game, I co...


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Maps D-Day

New version of the many D-Day maps. Enjoy!


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Maps Starbucks

i have done the map la roque and the map the world tree and the new moonwell i have learned considerably much more in the time it has taken...


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Maps Archery Tactics

This map has the same concept than the official made by FrogCraft and WGF-Runespoon. At the begin every one got 1 archer who are in level 2,...


Maps Fantasy Battle

New type of gameplay map!


Maps DotA Allstars

Another Excellent Defense of the Ancients Map! Definitly Download worthy!


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Maps Galactic Conquest

This map has recently been popular on Battle.net. It comes highly recommended. A more detailed description and screenshots will come soon.


Maps Everfrost

http://screenshots.filesnetwork.com/14/files/42775.jpg Hidden deep within the wintry crag...


Maps Emerald Shores

Fleets sail from distant lands to loot the treasures of this ancient island. Some even come to brave the mystic defenders of the ancient tem...


Maps DoTA Allstars

Here it is! The newest DoTA straight from batle.net! Thanks Shadow_of_Light!


Maps World of Middle Earth

This is an excellent map from Jonathan O'Brien, heres what the author described the map as: This is an all in one middle earth m...


Maps Animal Footman War

Footman wars, except with animals!!!


Maps Deathrose

http://screenshots.filesnetwork.com/14/files_extra/deathrose-logo The Deathrose is a rare flower that grows only in the deepes...


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Maps Zero Clutter Micro

Starcraft Conversion Map, with full 3D starcraft models and skins. 8 player micro map wiuth all 3 races (Terran, Zerg, Protoss) to p...


Maps Footmen Frenzy

Here is the newest installment of the popular game Footmen Frenzy. Now I have never been a huge fan of the map, but I know hundreds who ar...


Maps Finial Fantasy Epic RPG

This map is not only for Final Fantasy fans but for everyone who likes Warcraft and RPG. This is not a final version, but although th...


Maps Hordes of the Underdark

Deep within Underdark evil Drow are preparing to invade surface world and wage war with its inhabitants. Drow, also known as Dark Elv...


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Maps Sapphire Tower Defence

A pretty intresting spoof on the good old tower defence. Give it a download and try it for yourself!