Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Winterspring Wargames 0.70 BETA WinterspringWargames 1.52MB 260
Tropical Tag Karawasa 1.31MB 328
The World Tree & The New Moonwell Guest 39KB 7867
DotA Big Game Hunters ArchanisteR 1013KB 49258
D Day Guest 3.78MB 21733
Shipwrecked Part 1 Player_72985 1.9MB 2483
Footmen Frenzy HatoUp 606KB 16303
D-Day Venom2003 2.99MB 37582
Starbucks Guest 34KB 2471
Archery Tactics Fox & Wakoo 72KB 8242
Fantasy Battle Cheesy_Hunters 1.59MB 4667
DotA Allstars Guinsoo 1.51MB 34307
Galactic Conquest Guest 2.02MB 5876
Everfrost Blizzard Entertainment 218KB 1911
Emerald Shores Blizzard Entertainment 191KB 1748
DoTA Allstars Guinsoo 1.74MB 156638
World of Middle Earth gandalf_03246 2.71MB 17364
Animal Footman War Sars 1.04MB 12744
Deathrose Blizzard Entertainment 349KB 2712
Zero Clutter Micro night_wolveX 5.72MB 4519
Footmen Frenzy HatoUp 206KB 45962
Finial Fantasy Epic RPG Ilyas 1.86MB 41135
Hordes of the Underdark Ilyas 1.64MB 9970
Sapphire Tower Defence Ilyas 267KB 21055
Starcraft Defense Ilyas 1.23MB 10389
Troll Headquarters SolarPro Development 788KB 2024
Finial Fight Richard H. Jones 788KB 4520
Neo Lost Temple night_wolveX 4.02MB 5664
Kodo Tag Elite Switch.Blad3 1016KB 8023
Archer Stronghold Garthok 610KB 55927
Gladiator Survival Aaro 792KB 14886
Resident Evil red_eyes 2.83MB 20578
ADM AOS ADM 1.55MB 8227
ADM AOS ADM 792KB 8743
Multiple TD Challenge Elite 2 gigawing2 397KB 9324
Goblin Valley SUNSfan 129KB 1999
DDay: Judgement Dh- Neo 3.07MB 2376
SG-3 jjmfdl 1.14MB 499
SG-3 jjmfdl 1.13MB 1842
DoTA Allstars Guinsoo 2.49MB 11047
Footmen Frenzy HatoUp 93KB 27289
A soldiers Journey Mapster 1.67MB 7912
DoTA Allstars Guinsoo 2.25MB 17713
(11) Arthas' Basement shadowz123 88KB 16703
(12) Hunted (Forest) Antistone 300KB 3657
DDay: Judgement Dh- Neo 3.38MB 8624
DDay: Judgement Dh- Neo 3.57MB 4349
Tropical Tag Karawasa 1.2MB 247
Footman Frenzy NIXON Fub4r 700KB 2637
Tropical Tag Karawasa 1.2MB 306