WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos

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All Files In WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos Melee
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Melee King of the Hill

The game is a King of the Hill type of game and has the following idea: 3 teams of 2 players have to battle for the mine in the middle, an...


Melee Rune Scape

this map is a 4 player melle, for every combination your mind can think, although it was rendered to work best 2v2 it was based, no, inspire...


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Melee Arena Distruction II

Beat the Heros to beat the other players!


Melee Shrine of the Ancients

This is the new bonus map from Blizzard. This is a very fun map to play, definitly download worthy!


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Melee Corrupted Wood

This forest was once a beautiful place. When the legion arrived death came to the trees and they became poisoned. Since death spreads slowly...


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Melee Ancient Wars

Decided to throw this rather old one up there, should be obvious fast that this is one of my early works, made somewhere between BW1 and BWX...


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Melee The Great Strategy3

Your Hero can learn All skills. http://hrgs.itbdns.com/~tgs/ Author: mukai Game Type:Altered Melee Players: 10


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Melee World War 2

There are two teams, one team is on either continent, you must use aircraft, battleships, tanks, artillery, infantry and more to destroy you...


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Melee Ridz Footman Frenzy

Over 4 years old and still going strong, Footmen Frenzy is one of the longest-running crazes on USEast and USWest, even gaining a feature sp...


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Melee Ultimate Tournament

You know a developer is pleased and confident with what he has created when he includes a line like this in the readme: "i've not give...


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Melee Winter wonderland

this is my first melee map and its called Winter wonderland thank you for downloading this file map discription. Ahh the winter wonderla...


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Melee Etar : Mercenaries!

This map is FAR from done, but this is like a preview. STORY : Etar, a Battle Knight Sellsword, has been h...