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Melee Maps River of fate

A river bounds two forces to join together to fight their opponents. With aid from Taverns and Observatorys, crush your enemy's base and cl...


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Melee Maps Twin Isle

Melee map for Warcraft 3. No screenshots provided.


Melee Maps Brutal winter

The unforgiving winter is upon us... a time when resources are scarce and flanks exposed. Call forth the warriors, for there could not be a...


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Melee Maps Lumbering Days

In the map there are three secret places in the forest, so be sure to look for them, they might be useful to you, but there are hostiles gua...


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Melee Maps War of the Heros

This is a great map, and will supply some great gameplay! I like the idea of the stronger buildings, the tower upgrades, and the fact that y...


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Melee Maps (12) Labyrinth

This large, dark set of tunnels and caves are home to a host of races and creatures. Lots of creeps mean for tough battles if you want to ge...


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Melee Maps (12) Snowflake Isle

This map was specifically designed for 2vs2vs2vs2vs2vs2 game play. The snowflake shape naturally lends itself to paired bases. Then, in the...


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Melee Maps (10) Stormwind

Stormwind stands as the last bastion of human power in Azeroth, after the destruction of Lordaeron by the Scourge. It was destroyed by the H...


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Melee Maps (3) Red Triangle

This map has some nice terrain variations, and is a joy to play; The amount of creeps is a workable number and the layout is excellent! Red...


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Melee Maps (2) Ancient Oasis

This is a great 2 player map, which is a nice change...there doesn't seem to be too many of them around these days. In the center of this m...


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Melee Maps (9) Captain Seashroom's Ring Atoll

In this map, the tides are strong and the center is shallow and walkable. This colourful arrangement of coral has also grown some seashroom...


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Melee Maps (12) Island Caldera

This is this developers first 'proper' map, although the visuals were a bit on the weak side, there were some interesting effects, such as...


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Melee Maps (3) River Deadlock

These three rivers are placed so unnaturally, they must be constructed by goblins, but so unintelligently they must be commissioned by ogres...


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Melee Maps (2) Duskwater Glade

The sounds of the birds in the trees, the calm flow of the river, a gentle breeze blowing through the air... Idyllic. ...Or, at least, it w...


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Melee Maps (2) Booty Bridge

Booty Bay has become significantly more populated as the shipping capital of the area, and also a tourist attraction. These new residents ar...


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Melee Maps (2) Meldrid's Coffers

Meldrid was the most wealthy man in Lordaeron before he and his family were killed by a mysterious plague. Will you protect his now abandone...


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Melee Maps Battle of Elf Creek

This is basically a modified version of the original Battle of Elf...


Melee Maps The Beaten Path

The forests of Northerend are dangerous indeed. These mountains are no exception. At one end there are the foothills of a greater mountain,...


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Melee Maps Demonic Cleansing

This is a nice map to have some fun with...there are several custom neutral hostile units as well as neutral passive units. Each custom cree...


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Melee Maps (3) Devil's lagoon

This is a medium 3 player FFA map with a convoluted design. This was the first map this developer started and the first map he completed for...


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Melee Maps (2) Old quarry path

This map is a 1vs1 map. Even though the editor labels this as a 'small' map, the terrain is interwoven in such a manner so as to maximize th...


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Melee Maps Soulchess

A mix between turn based strategy game, arena battles and other miscellaneous possibilities (it’s not like normal chess). Consider the game...


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Melee Maps Oceans Mist

dcair740 makes his WarCraft3Files debut with his newest version of his Melee map; This download is a different spin on what you would norma...


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Melee Maps Where is the red key?

If you enjoy a single play map (up to 4 players) like "WarChasers" before, then try this map and have fun :) Map created by: [email protected]


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