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Mini Game Wisp Ball

Wisp Ball LOL. Soccer with Wisps. What can you say? It is very much like world cup soccer as you have to get a soccer ball and then get it...


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Mini Game Mario Party V1.12

A nice little break from all the hard work you do in those other *tough* custom games. Take a load off and enjoy some fun mini games, includ...


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Mini Game Micro Battle Arena

Choose your race, select a hero and battle it out in four rounds of magic and mayhem.


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Mini Game Ice Festival

Voi has returned with an update to his recently released Froen Throne map; Ice Festival will allow you to compete against other pla...


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Mini Game Cheese Chess

Cheese Chess was created to give players a real Warcaft 3 challenge. If your a fan of chess and of Warcraft then this is the map for you. It...