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Models Algarvtownhall

Algarvian arabian like townhall that was made for TToR's race; The algarvians which were supposed to replace the wood elves, though now the...


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Models Alter of Lights

Elfish Altar of Lights. It will be used in the Revival of the High Elves.


Models Chaos Great Hall

This model contains animations for a Chaos Great Hall, Stronghold and Fortress, from Red XIII's Chaos Orc Campaign/Twilight Hammer.


Models Viking Long House

The improved version of the Viking Long House. People were complaining about too many polys, the first version had 1042polys, and this one h...


Models Alter of Frost

A small model change for the Skull of Gul'dan to use the inbuilt hidden Frost Shrine skin in TFT and a particle emitter change.


Models Goblin Altar

A nice Goblin Alter that has to be seen to be believed! No map will be complete without one of these bad boys in the center of town.


Models BaradDur

Barad'dur based on the Human shipyard and sentry ward. includes protrait and supports teamcolour.


Models Citadel

Wood Elf townhall from TToR 3.2 LE.


Models Orc Sentry Tower

Are your Orcs feeling a little defencless? Do they not have a clue when an attack is coming? If so, then you may want to download this! Y...


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Models Armory

Need a nice building to store your vast supply of weapons? Then this model is for you! This will dress up any village, fort or compound....


Models N00byStance's RPG Attachment

This is some of N00byStance's first RPG attachment sets. It doesn't use ANY custom textures. This download contains 4 swords


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Models N00byStance's RPG Attachment

This is the second of N00byStance's RPG attachment sets. It doesn't use ANY custom textures. This download will give you 4 sword...


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Models GargoyleHead Shield

This is another attachment model - gargoyle head shield, this is a great model, and is a must for any map out there! No other cust...


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Models AoWhouseH

A nice doodad for yours, or any map!


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Models Barrel Pack

Are you making a map, and need some props? This download may be what you're looking for! Some nice barrels contained in a pack...j...


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Models Destroyed Building Parts Pack

Another nice looking doodad by Punisher_X and Illidan(evil)X, and you need something more to go with [url="http://warcraft3.f...


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Models Power polls

Punisher_X and Illidan(evil)X have done it again, here are some nice power polls to make your map complete. This download will add electric...


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Models Streetlight

If you've alrady downloaded the Power polls model, then you will proba...


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Models Destroyed Bridge

Your map will never be complete without having a destroyed bridge in it...this will change the feel and the look of your map...this is defin...


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Models Crate pack

No back alley or waterfront would ever be complete without this download! You will receive Punisher_X and Illidan(evil)X's true to life,...


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Models dhouse3

No village or long streatch of road would ever be complete without one of these houses present! This would make an excellent addition to an...


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Models Tendacirco

Are you a traveller and need a cozy place to stay? Or maby you need to create a camp for a band of travellers or even an army...then this d...


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Models Republic Assault Ship Ruins

Basically, this is a destroyed version of the Republic Assault Ship.


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Models Dwarven Doodad Pack

This pack contains 35 Dwarven-related models. The creators of these are Rondo, Makuza, Bloodslaugher, DiscreetMan. Credits should a...