WarCraft III: Reforged

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Other Golem Revalations

A rare remake of Golem Revaltions from Starcraft, by the crew at UMSMaps. Very nicely done, and really fun in teams or single players.


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Other Creep Commanders

Creep Commanders is an interesting map that has you hire "creep commanders" which will spawn lesser creeps of the same race for you to use...


Other Tech Wars

Tech Wars tasks you with building structures to produce units that will attack your enemy on the other side of the map. These units are comp...


Other Builder and Fighter

Two teams of three pairs. Each pair contains a builder and a fighter. Each pair has a Life Tower. The builder creates units and sends them t...


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Other Escape the Tundra 3

Multiplayer or Singleplayer ( hard! ) map, consisting of several timing and precision-challenges. A maze where you have to gather several k...


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Other Kel´thuzad´s lair

This is the lair of kel´thuzad you have to kill with... good luck!. You have 10 heroes of each kind of races human,orc,undead night elf a...