WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Swamp Hunters Wall Archer 219KB 3,886
The 3 Corridors Super Heros *x^V.I.P.E.R^x* 212KB 6,021
Team Paint Ball PentaPOD 236KB 2,845
The 3 Corridors ddfb Super Heros Guest 1.57MB 27,447
Helm's Deep Eric2534 182KB 9,687
DotA AllStars Guinsoo 1.53MB 14,755
DotA Big Game Hunters ArchanisteR 971KB 1,274
DotA Big Game Hunters ArchanisteR 701KB 4,670
DDay FT Venom2003 3.48MB 6,412
DotA AllStars Guinsoo 1.58MB 17,357
DotA AllStars Guinsoo 1.53MB 60,874
DDay: Judgement MonkY 3.4MB 44,757
Extreme Candy War 2004 Blizzard Entertainment 2.51MB 3,851
Shipwrecked Part 1 Player_72985 1.9MB 1,148
Run hobbit run! Map Pack PunKBusTer656 6.95MB 1,861
Cluedo Fenixd84 364KB 2,208
Castle Defend Mefhisto 741KB 7,394
Blair Witch shadowz123 442KB 1,301
Luck Game Razor2 604KB 86
Sheep Tactics meowmix 111KB 345
Wilderness Survival busupshot83 2.31MB 3,629
American Risk BladeWarrior17 1.38MB 502
American Risk BladeWarrior17 391KB 406
Gunmen Battles Guest 416KB 904
Golden Tournament Guest 297KB 917
Golden Team Tournament Territo 491KB 248
Golden Team Tournament Territo 1.85MB 1,768
Paladin TD Tomaxko 103KB 1,981
American Risk BladeWarrior17 1.38MB 2,128
American Risk BladeWarrior17 1.36MB 2,113
ANIMAL TAG Azjherben azjh 74KB 197
CTF-Ashes of Summer Skeedish 82KB 76
My Boomstick Blizzard Entertainment 2.14MB 310
Friscraft Blizzard Entertainment 240KB 92
Mass War Factions Stonebludgeon 2.42MB 145
War Of The Crown V0.99i Watsong 2.02MB 195
War Of The Crown Watsong 2.04MB 232
Battle Royale niro 1.65MB 236
The Path Of Ashes RottKing 3.02MB 201
Creature Battle X 1.09 AI LotK 2.53MB 490
Middle Earth Risk Kamulec 3.48MB 215