WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Hellfire Chapter One James_812 69KB 3,789
Shadows of Evil Kaggz 1.14MB 387
Shadows of Evil Kaggz 1.14MB 3,275
For Those Who Have Fallen Dark Chrono 397KB 6,870
The Elemental Titans Warbane 895KB 2,819
Zelda Dungeon Guest 1.45MB 5,585
Rush of Demons Lim YongFei 39KB 1,553
Shadows Of Evil Kaggz 1.19MB 3,867
A storyless game Maxime Savard 139KB 4,847
Hellfire Chapter One James_812 69KB 3,271
strollwidme Thakker 136KB 250
Uthers Journey Robbin McCullough 84KB 853
The Journey Khole 94KB 539
Strollwidme(fixed) Thakker 138KB 1,225
Treacherous Souls Avatar_Of_Death 407KB 2,378
Tomb of Sargeras DarthVeda 274KB 246
Tomb of Sargeras DarthVeda 274KB 3,187
Black Hawk Down Guest 281KB 8,918
The Journey Khole 96KB 2,169
Quest For Glory Akubi Samtsirhc 278KB 2,351
Strike of the Evil Undead Greggles 92KB 1,059
Lord of the Glenn GLENN_3E 269KB 4,434
A link to the past Aerolus the Swift 1.46MB 8,307
Lord of the Rings RPG Roddd 438KB 5,446
Godess of Hate Sslaa Charkutier 244KB 2,266
Guardian Heroes ESPER_PALE 107KB 2,611
Guardian Heroes Legend Part I: The Forgotten Highlands ESPER_PALE 315KB 3,316
Zelda Open RPG Ganon 511KB 2,022
Twighlight Struggle 1 & 2 Chris T. Hill 783KB 2,188
DragonballZ M12 Rune Zhak Flame 252KB 7,507
Adalon Adalon 309KB 2,720
Llegada a Atenas Badboy_wc3 216KB 1,243
Curse of the Wulf WulfBane 2.46MB 12,070
The Lost City Tiamat 85KB 1,013
Natures Call Darky26 266KB 608
Natures Call Darky26 271KB 1,665
Solitudine Lord Necro 168KB 1,253
Elemental Titans Warbane 873KB 5,506
Heroes Forever - Spanish MikiTitaN 344KB 575
Heroes Forever - English MikiTitaN 343KB 6,564
The Lichking Unknown Source 302KB 2,123
The Icicle Riviver Gar 253KB 1,677
Allegiance Cap't Fred 2.88MB 5,940
Rally Thakker 69KB 701
Necromantic Wars Thakker 593KB 2,093
The Strike of Gi-eng THUNDER(DCT) 172KB 1,022
Zelda Open RPG v2.0.2 Ganon 384KB 6,846
Diablo 2: River of Flames Guest 196KB 4,959
Lord of the Rings (FOTR) RPG Roddd 398KB 12,068
The lost child Thakker 146KB 1,176
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