WarCraft III: Reforged

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Trigger Heroes Vpower Original

This is somewhat like Dota, only it doesnt have three ways but only one. Also not very many heroes but I find the game pretty entertaining.


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Trigger Angel Arena ghost

File info - This is a Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne map It is part of the series of Angel Arena called "Angel Arena(protected map)v.Ghost...


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Trigger AOS TFT

This AOS is just like dota but only with three teams.


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Trigger EXtreme Tower War

Another version of the Tower wars game.


Trigger DBZ Tribute Ultra

Extremely Popular map about DBZ. This map comes ubelivably Highly recommended


Trigger Footmen Wars Infinity v9.1

This is a map I put together. Its highly experimental but has some kicken heros (Like Goliath, Marines, Ghosts, etc.) and some highly custom...


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Trigger Gladiator

Buy a hero from one of the two hero shops and fight 30 waves of enemies to get experience and gold. Use the gold to purchase items or save...


Trigger (8) DBZ Tribute Ultra

This was an extremely popular map about Dragon Ball Z; An RPG that follows the DBZ/GT sagas and movies while working as a Hero Arena...


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Trigger Fields Of Glory

Open-RPG for up to six players. What I have tried to do is a much more interactive world than the ones generally found in RPGs. Even some si...


Trigger Battle For Middle Earth

THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING: In this part of the trilogy, the young Hobbit Frodo Baggins inherits a ring; but this ring is no mere trinket....


Trigger D-DAY: Extremme

Quote from homesite : Finally, After 2 and more years, DDay Xtremme Is BACK, with a version as balanced as DDay Judgement 19.9b ... for th...


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Trigger Zombie Survival

A zombie survival game with an arcadey style. Gain points as you play for a rank, the longer you survive the harder it gets but you also unl...


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Trigger Bow TD

In Bow TD, you need to build towers that resemble tiny archers, each associated with an element - Fire, Ice, Earth, Lightning, and Guns (eve...