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Trigger Maps Conquer the Island

A new trigger map from War Craft III TFT. Enjoy!


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Trigger Maps La Rogue

A map that is based of the movie and book "Timeline".


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Trigger Maps Age of Chaos

This map uses the footman wars map, and definantly a good map to have fun on. Usefull for 4 players. Add this map to your collection and kee...


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Trigger Maps The Grand Harvest

Here is a rather interesting trigger map, meant for 4 players. Harvesting lumber, capturing generators, and more make this well worth the do...


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Trigger Maps DDay: Judgement

It's been a long time since we've seen any updates to this map, and if you had counted the talent of the DDay Team out...you would have been...


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Trigger Maps Blood of Heroes - Planes of Oblivion

This map is made by DG!Mortal. At the beginning you choose hero who you'll guide through the game and your job is to kill specific number o...


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Trigger Maps The Rebellion

Sorry,I didn't finish the scenario,it is my first edition,it is a big map as in blademaster as the hero.I did the rifleman and turn into a...


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Trigger Maps Augmentius

This is your basic map... sort of. At least in regards as to how you install it. I'm not going to give away what's in it, but seeing as ho...


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Trigger Maps Battle Footmen AR

Similar to Footmen Frenzy but FFA. This was also all done from scratch. Pick your heroes, your units spawn automatically. Get items to power...


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Trigger Maps G.O.T.A.S

This is a famous AOS map in Lebanon (dota like) created 1 year ago, this map have unique heroes and items and the whole map terrain and trig...


Trigger Maps SmashTV Arcade 2K5

If you remember the old SmashTV for the classic game systems, you will love SmashTV Arcade 2K5. In this four player map, choose between...


Trigger Maps Warcraft 3 Card Game

A dynamic card game based in Warcraft 3? Sounds like it can't be done, but BeLugh and Slin have done it in Warcraft 3 Card Game. The auth...


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Trigger Maps Ghost of a chance

Thank you for downloading GhostOfaChance. This map needs The Frozen throne v 1.20e patch or later. Ghost is a real time single Quest tim...


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Trigger Maps Vamp Fire Remix (German)

Vamp Fire Remix is map made by Nago who hails from a German clan: VFR. It is the newest version of the Vamp Fire series, so if your a fan -...