(1) Edge of Extinction



hunter, when suddenly strange things start happening in Deerwood one night and Thorn must come out of retirement to face this new threat.Features:-Lots of cinematics-Lots of custom models/skins-Great terrain (Screenshots attached)-Weather System-Ammo System-Item Stacking System-Bag System*You are equipped with a bag that can extend your inventory-Hunting system*You can go hunting in special hunting areas to earn gold to buy better equipment.*Normal enemies also give gold, but significantly less.-Bayonet System*The hunter can use his bayonet when at close range or out of ammo.Misc. Info:This Single player RPG is made only by me, johannesr, with the exception of models, skins and some custom spells (Credits are under optional quests in the map). It took me about 3 years to make this, although i worked on it on and off.Changelog:Version 1.1- Fixed bugs- Reworked hunting system due to an exploit- Added level requirements to the better weapons- Blocked Shalis from entering hunting zonesV1.2- Fixed Thorn's ability locations- Cloak is now removed no matter what- Raccoons are slightly easier to kill now- Other small tweaksv1.3- Infinite money glitch fixed- Elves now turn back to blue always- Thorn is lvl 1 again at the startv1.4- Fixed some triggers not working when in bayonet mode- Made environment slightly darkerv1.5- Fixed a glitch with the final boss- Minimap pings added for some questsv1.6- Reworked hunting mode again: now it goes into it automatically when entering zone and some other tweaks- Added some passive icons for abilitiesv1.7- Fixed ammo drain bug- Bag can now be used in the mine- Hunter now has rifleman sound set ("Its hammer time!" didn't make much sense)- Some misc. fixes


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