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The map features several different scenarios, each of which contains villains with different abilities. Additional scenarios are being adde...


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The map features several different scenarios, each of which contains villains with different abilities. Additional scenarios are being added as the map is developed. The scenario you play is determined by vote at the start of each game.

Happyville is a paranoia-oriented WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne custom map, set in the happy town of Happyville. This town is home to many happy people, but it is threatened by...the UN-happy!

One or more players are randomly selected at the start of the game to be unhappy, but no one knows who they are. As you search the town, the unhappy will try to covertly kill the other players one at a time. The rest of the players must identify and kill the unhappy before Happyville becomes a ghost town.

You'll have the opportunity to vote for several different scenarios with slightly different rules. It is recommended that first-time players begin with the Psycho Killers scenario, as this scenario has the fewest special rules.

Note that, while there will always be a number of computer-controlled characters in the game, only human players get selected as special characters. This means that the original bad guy(s) will always be a real player, not the computer. If there aren't enough human players to fill all of the special roles of the scenario, some of the special characters won't exist that game.


Psycho Killers Necromancer Vampire Mystic Werewolf Lich Greater Dead (coming in the next release!)

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Download '11happyville_b0.9.3.w3x' (361KB)

Changes through Beta 0.9.3:

A new scenario, the Greater Dead, has been added 
The "idle worker" tooltips have been edited to better reflect their actual function in this map. 


Changes through Beta 0.9.2:

Replaced the Orgy of Death ability with a new ability, Frenzy, which should be more useful. 
Runes of Haste now appear randomly with other upgrades.  These runes temporarily increase movement speed when picked up. 
Zombie speed increased from 50 to 75. 
Fixed a bug making the random game selection pick Mystic a disproportionate amount of the time. 
Fixed a bug causing the insanity accuracy penalty to apply to people attacking insane rather than insane attackers 
Fixed a bug causing the vampire's skill display to disappear when a computer-controlled thrall died. 
Before combat is allowed, characters are now labeled as "Safe Mode" instead of "Mechanical" 
Made changes to the game set-up triggers that should make them more reliable. 
Deaths due to remorse now get an icon in the "killer" column of the scoreboard. 
Dead players' names are no longer obscured, but they are marked as being dead, to help avoid confusion. 
Bots should now wander in a slightly more realistic fashion. 
Closed off some of the more extreme hiding places in the map. 
Minor changes to doodad placement. 
Added occasional flashes of lightning while the game is in progress. 
The Greater Dead game is almost done, but is still suffering from some serious bugs, so it's not enabled yet. 
Changes in Beta 0.8:

Fixed several bugs in the newest scenarios 
Fixed a bug (created in beta 0.7) causing human-controlled characters to become computer-controlled when thralled.

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