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Some of you may recognize half of the team that developed this map, GaDDeN has proven himself to be a superb creator of some of Warcr...


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Some of you may recognize half of the team that developed this map, GaDDeN has proven himself to be a superb creator of some of Warcraft III material! He has teamed up with iNfraNe to create this, Elimination Tournament v1.2], sure to be one of the most popular maps to date. With the release of this map, GaDDeN has also stated that he will no longer be modding, which is, indeed, sad news news! I would like to thank GaDDeN for the works that he has created, and wish the best of luck to iNfraNe...he has big shoes to fill.

Be sure to check out some of GaDDeN's other maps, if you haven't already done so: Elimination (v3.1) (8) Stand of the Peons

Now...on to what we're here for...

Elimination Tournament is a Capture The Flag game that is best described as "Unreal Tournament in Warcraft 3".

There are 6 different arenas to choose from, each with different gameplay. Sneak around in the high grass of the forest, jump between the platforms in burning lava or pick a camping spot in the Trench. The goal is to capture the enemy flag from the enemy base and bring it back to your own flag. To do that you will have to defeat the enemy team using weapons such as Minigun, Sniper Rifle, Acid Gun and many more.

There are also a large variety of gadgets to use as your fight the enemy team. Throw a bouncing grenade into the room, or plant a C4 under the enemy tower and wait for it to blow. Place barricades on defensive positions to block enemy fire.

Some features contained in this download are: Teamkillers will give gold to the teammember they kill. A score difference of 3 will make the team ahead win. Periodic gold income has been decreased. Updated all side-triggers.

Refer to the readme for details.

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Download 'eliminationtournament12.w3x' (1.02MB)

Some history:
Elimination has been my one main project since i started wc3 modding. I started the project more than 2 years ago, and a few months later Elimination had it's first release: Elimination 1,4. It was a Team Deathmatch game where two teams killed eachother using carrion swarms that looked like bullets. Later, Elimination 2,1 was released. And after that 3,1. Elimination continued to evolve, untill i realized the map needed to be remade from scratch. Some of the triggers from years back was still there, it was all made in GUI and had serious lag problems.

But instead of "remaking" it, i created a new map. Using a 3D physics system created by Anitarf and iNfraNe, Elimination Tournament became THE most advanced wc3 map in it's genre.

Since I released the open beta a few months ago, lots of Elimination Tournament clans have formed. There is an on-going Elimination Tournament League over on Azeroth for clans dedicated to the map.

Version 1.2:

Added Assault terrain
Added Gas Grenade

Updated the main core particle system to the new version (should run smoother now).
Updated all side-triggers.

Nerfed minigun range.
Changed acid gun, it will do 25 initial damage and disable jump for 5 seconds, over which 25 more damage is added. Slowing effect has been lowered.
Reworked Laser, it will now go trough units and can hit units twice by bouncing on a wall.

Fixed jump once again.
Presumably fixed lag problems at the start of the game.
Fixed a bug with medikit and jumping.
Teamkillers will give gold to the teammember they kill (10+5*TKs), if they do not have the amount of gold at that moment they will not get gold untill they're out of debt again
Gold income for killing enemy players has been increased ((1+(number of kills))*5)
Periodic gold income has been decreased (1 per 2.5 seconds, instead of 1 per 2.0 seconds)
A score difference of 3 will make the team ahead win.

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