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The main idea behind the Guild of Architects is that it allows players to fully customize their forces. All 4 of the basic worker units are...


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The main idea behind the Guild of Architects is that it allows players to fully customize their forces. All 4 of the basic worker units are available (although modified) for purchase from The Guild of Architects. This opens up a whole new dimension to the strategy. You can customize as big or as little as you want. Maybe you've always wanted to mix tauren and mountain giants and Priests. Maybe you like the Night Elf units better, but you want to use Undead Heros. Or perhaps you just want to play with orcs, but take advantage of the Night Elf Moonwells. Its up to you.

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Basic Premise
The premise of this map centers around this idea: you can hire mercenary heros at the Tavern and mercenary units at the Mercenary Camp... Why not have a neutral building where you can hire mercenary builders?

Worker Changes
I realize that allowing workers to be hired from the Guild of Architects lends itself to being abused. For this reason I have made a couple of minor changes. The first is that none of the workers hired from the Guild of Architects can mine for gold or harvest lumber. This is to prevent players from buying one of each worker at the beggining of the game to get an edge in resource gathering. This, however, means that when they are done constructing the buildings you hired them for, they just stand around. I have given each worker the disband ability, which effectively destroys the worker, but gives you back half of the gold you invested.

But that's only the first purpose to The Guild of Architects. The second purpose being to allow players to buy the builders of custom races. You select the normal 4 races at the beggining of the game, but once inside you can hire the mercenary of a custom race and build only their structures for the rest of the game, using your innitial workers purely for resource gathering.

-Include the 4 basic worker units.
-Include at least 4 additional custom quality, balanced, races.
-Fill the tavern with additional neutral heroes.

Acheived Goals
-I have the 4 basic worker units.
-There are not currently any custom races.
-1 neutral hero at the tavern.

Current Neutral Hero
There is currently one additional hero to be hired at the tavern; the illusionist. I have done very minor balance tests, but my guess is that it is still very far from being actually balanced. I just want you guys to tell me if you think I'm going in the right direction or not.

His Abilities:
Magic Lantern- summons a lantern to spy on your enemies.
Illusionary Double- much like mirror image, except rather than getting more images with each level, the one image becomes more substantial; taking less damage, and beggining to be able to deal some itself.
Hypnotic Flame- Summons a fire to burn and hypnotize your enemies.

Ultimate, Fog- Summons a dense fog in target area. Any enemies caught in the area of effect are blinded, causing them to miss on most attacks.

This hero will eventually be a part of the custom race I am working on. I am releasing them at the tavern for beta testing purposes.

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