(2) Old quarry path



This map is a 1vs1 map. Even though the editor labels this as a 'small' map, the terrain is interwoven in such a manner so as to maximize the space used on the playing board. The end result of this is that the map ends up playing as a much larger map for more drawn out in depth 1vs1 games.

Old quarry pathis a fun map to play, as you may have guessed by the mapname, Mining is the name of the game, other mineral deposits lie hidden among the stones; mainly, gold. Prepare to lay claim to these spoils in the forgotten mines of this ancient quarry.



Map Name: Old quarry path
File Creator: Moose-Factory
Construction notes: This file was created with the official WarcraftIII campaign editor. This terrain is original to myself (Moose-Factory) and first appeared in this file.
Terms and conditions: Any files included with this text are freeware and may be distributed freely, provided credit is given to the original creator of the file(s) you wish to distribute. If you are uploading / distributing this through an archive, you must include this readme unaltered. Authors may NOT use this map / terrain as a base for their maps without recieving my permission first. If you are unable to contact me, then you cannot use this terrain as a platform for your map. If this file is to be put on a CD, you must ask me (Moose-Factory) for permission. This File is NOT to be sold without contacting me.

Version History:
Fixes: none
Alterations / additions:
Added 1 Goblin laboratory in the vicinity of both players start locations. With the ability to buy zeppelins, this should address some players concerns that it took them too long to reach some expansions. I also added a new creep camp by both of the new goblin labs. To address some player's concerns that it took them too long to get to each other’s bases, I've added ramps that effectively cut the distance to traverse between player's bases almost in half. The ramps also make it possible to subvert the powerful golems in the center, which means rushing is now possible. However, the shortest route is still through the golems. Hopefully these minor terrain changes should add some depth with new elements of strategy. I have also expanded the width of the two bridges, in case anyone found them too narrow before. More minor detailing work was also done.

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