(3) Devil's lagoon



This is a medium 3 player FFA map with a convoluted design. This was the first map this developer started and the first map he completed for WarcraftIII, so not everything will be perfectly right; mainly, the starting bases are too small and there are too many narrow choke points, however the layout is excellent and you will be surprised at the superior visuals. This is definately a remarkable first attempt at a first map! Good job.



Map Name: Devil's lagoon
File Creator: Moose-Factory
Construction notes: This file was created with the official WarcraftIII campaign editor. This terrain is original to myself (Moose-Factory) and first appeared in this file.
Terms and conditions: Any files included with this text are freeware and may be distributed freely, provided credit is given to the original creator of the file(s) you wish to distribute. If you are uploading / distributing this through an archive, you must include this readme unaltered. Authors may NOT use this map / terrain as a base for their maps without recieving my permission first. If you are unable to contact me, then you cannot use this terrain as a platform for your map. If this file is to be put on a CD, you must ask me (Moose-Factory) for permission. This File is NOT to be sold without contacting me.

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