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Nanohertz is keeping his established tradition of making quality, fun maps for the Warcraft 3 community to enjoy, alive and going st...


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Nanohertz is keeping his established tradition of making quality, fun maps for the Warcraft 3 community to enjoy, alive and going strong! His latest release to make it's debut here at WC3Files is something that definately needs to be experienced to be appreciated. the use of props and the paths between the goldmines will add to your gaming experience!

Enjoy some excellent 3v3 coastal action in the good ol' take the town scenario. Some paths are better for melee fighters, some are better for ranged fighters. Make your pick, but choose wisely, or you may not live, long enough, to regret it!

A bit of background... Originally started as a small outpost, but over time, grew into farmland. Having some spare building materials left over from their shacks, the peasants built a small stage, and some of the better actors became professional. Then the King came by to see a show, and was impressed, and ordered to build a pair of large theaters. It was a happy place to live for a while. Then a new kingdom was formed very nearby to the northeast. The King ordered the Lords and Dukes of this land to stock up on weapons, armor, and fortification materials. The only buildings that were big enough to store all this was the theaters themselves, which meant there was no longer room for a show, and needless to say the peasants were not happy....

Refer to the readme for more information.

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This is actually a map that hasn't been tested by anyone but me! Please tell me anything wrong!

I should make a cinematic on the story below...

the long time arch rival kingdom to the southeast (I call them the Imperial Guards) made a big push to sack the King's capital city. He ordered all troops and any equipment they can carry to be taken out of this city to save him from being overthrown (the peasants did like the theater reopening, but now felt vulnerable). The arrived in the nick of time, and held the capital city's ground, and caused enough casualties on the enemy to not be invaded for a while.

While this battle was going on, the new nation to the northeast was looking for a location for a citadel for their new capital city. They came to this village with a few warriors, but mostly engineers. Unaware of who these people are, and not being afraid of engineers carrying T-squares, the peasants let them in. These engineers are very good indeed! They not only put up a strong wall, knew how to build towers like crazy, but also re-engineered the theater to have wicked awesome acoustics.

On return from the capital city, the lords and dukes noticed in a hurry that the city changed. When they charged the new fortifications, they found themselves running away (let's just say the new kingdom invented cannons, guns, crude flamethrowers and many other weapons long before anybody knew what they were). They tried to convince some of the peasants on the outskirts that these new guards are frauds. The peasants being uneducated thought that these "God sent" engineers were called "Frauds." Liking them, the peasants named this town Fraudway. After a while, the King, Dukes and Lords accepted that the new nation (later named Wimpster) took this town, and no longer tried to fight for it. It is a very snowy region in the winter, and after all, the kingdom they all belong to is mostly desert!

After a while, they did assassinate Magistrate from Wimpster. A group of High Elves wishing to cultivate the land and a group of Dwarves mining the land tried to take power. By the time their leaders were done calling each other childish names, the King of Wimpster already had a successor sent over. The leaders of the elven farmers and dwarven miners built their own districts farther up the hill (which are shown on the map).

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