(6) Tower Tournament

Up to six players go head-to-head in a competition of tower defense skill. For each wave, you'll be given a random assortment of location, r...


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Up to six players go head-to-head in a competition of tower defense skill. For each wave, you'll be given a random assortment of location, runners, available towers, and amount of gold. The player who can score the most points by attacking the runners before they make it through their maze will win.

The different tower types and building locations will force you to use a variety of maze-building strategies to maximize effectiveness, and a 'par' score for each wave will offer a general idea of how well you are doing.

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Download '6towertournamentv3.0.w3x' (177KB)

Changes in Version 3.0:

Ethereal Towers, which were broken in patch 1.18, now correctly banish targets even if you don't specifically order them to attack.  Use the "Hold Fire" command if you want to stop them from attacking. 
Tremor Tower re-named to Lightning Tower and art changed (I hope this will improve performance). 
Lightning Tower cost reduced from 25 to 15. 
Flame Tower cost increased from 10 to 15. 
Increased maximum building time by 30%. 
Your maze is now checked for blocking before the runners enter it.  Your towers will still get destroyed if you block, but the runners will no longer decide to attack from getting stuck behind each other. 
A new "Test Maze" feature on your builder will allow you to verify your maze structure before the wave begins. 
Towers can now be sold for their original cost.  It is not possible to build, sell, or destroy any towers after runners spawn. 
Floating text has been re-worked; it should now cause much less performance loss, and can be turned on and off for each player with a button on the builder. 
Added buttons to the builder for rotating the camera (the chat commands also still work). 


Changes in Version 2.0:

Banish now slows targets by 75% (up from 65%) 
Maximum allowed building time doubled, but the time can be cut short if all players indicate they are ready. 
Cold Towers and Venom Towers have a new "random fire" option that causes them to choose a new target to attack (at random) each time they attack. 

Changes in Version 1.7:

Removed that annoying text message that prints every time the Tremor Tower attacks. 

Changes in Version 1.6:

Added a new tower. The Haste Tower does not attack, but increases the attack speed of adjacent towers. 
Added two new build regions:  Squeeze and Canyon. 
Altered scoring so that you now get an additional point for each integer multiple of par you make. 
Fixed the worst of the memory leaks on the map. 
Other players are now notified when a player leaves the game. 

Changes in Version 1.5:

Decreased cooldown on the Tremor Tower from 3 seconds to 2 seconds. 
Added "hold fire" capability to the Ethereal Tower. 
Extended wait time at the start and finish of the map to give players more time to orient themselves

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