(8) Dragonhead Peaks

Prepare to contest the spoils of these ore laden mountains as winter sets in...

This is an ideal map for games of 4vs4 or 2v2v2v2...


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Prepare to contest the spoils of these ore laden mountains as winter sets in...

This is an ideal map for games of 4vs4 or 2v2v2v2 (this map is NOT an FFA map, but rather a Team FFA map- or just 4v4). Beware of those who seek to capture the resource rich center!

You'll find the center of the map to be quite similar to blizzard's map Garden Of War, with four well stocked Gold mines. The similarities between this map and Garden Of War end there, However; as the rest of this map has a completely different unique design, which the developer hopes will make for better troop flow / gameplay mechanics.

In the old version, you could build up a huge anti air force with the rest of your team and rush the dragons in the center right off the bat, and then colonize the middle before the opposing team. The challange was in defending the middle for the first few waves of attack, and then (if you succeded in that) the game was yours (even if they killed off your starting bases) due to the massive resources in the center. This is the concept that Moose-Factory based this map on, and I think you'll enjoy it for large team games.

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File Creator: Moose-Factory
Construction notes: This file was created with the official WarcraftIII campaign editor. This terrain is original to myself (Moose-Factory) and first appeared in this file.
Terms and conditions: Any files included with this text are freeware and may be distributed freely, provided credit is given to the original creator of the file(s) you wish to distribute. If you are uploading / distributing this through an archive, you must include this readme unaltered. Authors may NOT use this map / terrain as a base for their maps without recieving my permission first. If you are unable to contact me, then you cannot use this terrain as a platform for your map. If this file is to be put on a CD, you must ask me (Moose-Factory) for permission. This File is NOT to be sold without contacting me.

This map is sort of a tribute to blizzard's map "Garden Of War," except I wanted to be able to play not only 4v4 but 2v2v2v2 as well.  Oh, and I also kept the old creep placement from the original GOW map (for the center area) before blizzard changed it, as I found the Dragons in the old version to offer an interesting element of strategy that is no longer available in the new GOW;  This was the third map I started for WCIII, and the 2nd I've completed. 

Version History:
v1.1- Fixes:
The problem whereby goblin sappers bought at the laboratory get trapped when purchased.
The creep spawning location of the trolls near the upper left player that were too close to the base.
The lower left Merc camp was altered.
Minor doodad alignment and pathing issues were also addressed.

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