(8) Stand of the Peons

You need to build burrows and load your peons to defend yourself from 30 waves of attackers. This is not a TD scenario; The attackers try to...


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You need to build burrows and load your peons to defend yourself from 30 waves of attackers. This is not a TD scenario; The attackers try to destroy every single burrow and peon before they will attack the peon stronghold that you try to defend. As the burrows take damage during the attacks, you must use your loaded peons to do repairs.

The basic idea of this game is something the developer calls "peon-micro". When a burrow is damaged, you must unload peons to repair. But the attackers will often switch targets to attack these peons. Then you have to load the damaged peons and switch them for healthier peons inside the burrow. Unlike other defense games, your micro plays a big part in your success!

This is not an easy map, so dig in...this may take a while.

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Download 'sotp11.0.w3x' (478KB)

The burrows you build are, of course, not normal orc burrows. There are many different burrows, with different space for loading peons. Many burrows gain special abilities depending on the amount of peons loaded. For example, the "Crypt Burrow" has a multi-shot attack that gains one additional target for each peon loaded. Using the peons loaded in this burrow to repair might be a mistake, since you loose alot of extra attack power.

When a player dies, he can either leave or stay to "raid" the enemy players. A dead player can raid about every 2 minutes. This ability sends some of the unit types that are in the current wave toward a random player. These units are under the dead player's control and will be much harder to defeat, because players have much better micro than the computer controlled attackers.

For those interested, NOONE has reached level 30 yet. All players that survive level 30 will be added to my hall of fame :)

Things i'm planning to add in the future:

* Boss levels. And no, i don't mean a wave with only one strong creep. Boss levels in stand of the peons would mean a wave with triggered AI. Maybe 4 large acolytes that will ressurect the others when they die, if you don't kill all four within a time frame of maybe 5 seconds. Other bosses could be an invulnerable necromancer that only becomes vulnerable if you manage to kill ALL his summoned units (which he summons all the time), which will only happen when he runs out of mana.

* More "dead-player-support". The current raid-system is quite unbalanced since it sends units toward a random player, it's really just added to give the observers something to do.

* More PVP (player vs player) stuff. Perhaps a mortar burrow with long cooldown that fires a shell toward enemy player's fortifications. Or a "peon-raid" that living players can send toward other living players. You can of course play this map single player and try to survive as many waves as possible, but i prefer player vs player maps.

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