A Land Divided AoS

Three kingdoms vie for the future of these lands in this epic AoS battle! Includes 44 custom heroes, fully customized abilities and items,...


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Three kingdoms vie for the future of these lands in this epic AoS battle! Includes 44 custom heroes, fully customized abilities and items, and much more!

Engage your enemies in a land torn by war, to vie for supremacy and the right to rule these lands. - Choose to do battle as one of 44 unique and fully custom heroes, each with 4 skills and one ultimate ability. Maximum hero level of 25. - Attain vast wealth by bloodshed and construct relics of power from ancient recipes, or research technology to empower your armies. - Fully customized and well balanced items and abilities. - Detailed but easy to read Hero Descriptions, complete with a rating system to help you choose your destiny!

Destroy the enemy castles to achieve victory!

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Download 'a_land_divided_aos_v3.1_final.zip' (1.35MB)

A Land Divided AoS version 3.1 Final: Changes

Changes for version 3.1F :

 - Many terrain improvements have been implemented in order to improve the quality of the landscape and add to the overall enjoyability of the map. 

A Land Divided: The Basis

A Land Divided is an AoS (Aeon of Strife) style map, based on the standard rules of an AoS (Kill the enemy's castles, and they will be eliminated from the game). In order to achieve this goal, a player will select one of 44 custom heroes from one of the four towers at their starting location. The towers are themed to reflect hero alignment, and the towers included are Black (for evil), White (for good), Silver (neutral) and Golden (neutral).

This version (3.1 FINAL) is to be one of the last versions of this map, as I feel that adding to it would only complicate it beyond reason, and that it is quite good as it is. Hopefully it is fun to others as it has been to my friends and to myself!

A Land Divided: Features

 - Maximum hero level of 25.
 - 44 Fully Customized heroes, each possessing 5 skills total, including 1 ultimate ability.
 - Every skill functions properly and is fully scaling to ensure your abilities are always useful.
 - A wide variety of custom items available for purchase from shops found within your base.
 - Unit and Structure upgrades can also be purchased with gold.
 - You may recruit your own armies from Training Grounds found throughout the map.
 - Creeps are available for slaughter at your leisure, and are a decent source of extra money, experience and sometimes even items.
 - Marketplaces may be found throughout the map, with constantly changing inventories including many items not otherwise available at normal shops.
 - Fight a war on several battlefronts, for frantic and fast-paced gameplay.
 - All items and abilities have been tested to death to ensure quality and balance.
 - All hero skills bound to the Q-W-E-R-T keys, making them consistent and easy to use.
 - Extensive and easy to read hero descriptions, complete with a rating system to help you more easily decide what you want to be!
 - Recipe system with enough options to give heroes of any type multiple choices for customization!

 Have fun, play some AoS and kick some FACE!


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