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A Land Divided: The Basis

A Land Divided is an AoS (Aeon of Strife) style map, based on the standard rules of an AoS (Kill the enemy's castles, and they will be eliminated from the game). In order to achieve this goal, a player will select one of 44 custom heroes from one of the four towers at their starting location. The towers are themed to reflect hero alignment, and the towers included are Black (for evil), White (for good), Silver (neutral) and Golden (neutral).

A Land Divided: Features

# -44 Fully Customized heroes, each possessing 4 skills, 1 static ability and 1 ultimate ability.

# -Fully functional and scaling abilities, ensuring that your abilities are always useful.

# -A wide variety of custom items available for purchase from shops found within your base.

# In addition to items, Unit and Structure upgrades can also be purchased from your War Academy in the back of your base for a gold cost.

# You may recruit your own armies from Training Grounds found throughout the map, which also gain benefits from your purchased troop upgrades.

# Marketplaces may be found throughout the map, with constantly changing inventories including many items not otherwise available at normal shops.

# Fight a war on several battlefronts, for frantic and fast-paced gameplay.

# All items and abilities have fully been tested to ensure quality and balance.

# All hero skills bound to the Q-W-E-R-T-Y keys, making them consistent across all heroes and easy to learn.

# Extensive and easy to read hero descriptions, complete with a rating system to help you more easily decide what class to choose, even if you've never played.

# Recipe system with plenty of options to allow further customization to your hero!

A Land Divided: Gameplay - help, hints and tips

- In the back of your base near the fountains of restoration you will find your War Academy. Each Player has one, and they can be selected from anywhere on the map and used to purchase upgrades. They also serve as an item stash for heroes to store extra items such as components for recipes when their inventory is full.

- The random marketplaces found in the wilderness can sometimes sell artifacts on a separate purchase cooldown from the artifact shop in your base, and can also sometimes have items which you cannot find elsewhere. You'll need to be quick, though - these marketplaces completely restock their inventory every 20 seconds!

- If you would like to find out your current movement speed, you may type "-ms" into the text field during gameplay to display this information to you.

- The Maximum hero level is 25.

- "Static" abilities refer to the abilities that heroes start with before spending any skill points. Each class has a unique "Static" ability, which can range from a damage spell, to a crowd control effect, to a passive attack or statistic bonus. These are the only abilities in the game which do not gain levels, but because of their design, they ought to prove useful at any stage of the game.

- While it is a good idea to be wary of the special unit spawns (Champions, Sorceresses) as they can potentially cause some serious damage to your hero (particularly early on), it is sometimes worth killing as many of them as you can, as these special units are a potent source of income.

- It is sometimes not a bad idea to go through the woods and hunt for creeps, as they can give experience, gold, and sometimes even items which may be usable in recipes or sold for more profit!

- When one of your three keeps within your base is destroyed, it will cease unit production from its corresponding spawn location! While heroes are very effective to an extent, if you allow your enemy to destroy your keeps you will likely be overrun in time! Beat them to the punch and try to eliminate their keeps while protecting your own!

Those are all the recommendations I can make without playing for you ;)

Find your own strategies and kill people in the FACE!

GL, and HF! :D

- NeverDeath.

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Download 'a_land_divided_aos_v3.2_final.zip' (1.29MB)

A Land Divided AoS version 3.2 Final: New Features

 - "Static" abilities added, one per each class. Static abilities do not gain levels nor scale, but are designed and balanced for consistent usefulness throughout all levels. This means each class now has 6 abilities instead of 5, making them more versatile and specialized.

 - Added color coding and labels to each class type at the selection area. Now when you read a hero's description, it will in blue(intelligence), green(agility) or red(strength) tell you which of those three statistics is their primary, and whether they are ranged/melee, and caster/fighter.

 - Added color coding and labeling to all hero abilities in the game, <Active> abilities are displayed in red, and <Passive> abilities are shown in green. This will help players to more quickly familiarize themselves with what their hero can do. 

 - Continued additions to the terrain, in an attempt to improve it more with each pass. It now contains much more variation and feels more alive. Should greatly increase the fun factor of killing people on a map that was textured and worked on for longer than 30 minutes ;)

 - Have made use of Vexorian&apos;s Map Optimizer, in order to improve load times. It has made a positive impact of approximately 20-30 percent, and has also reduced the filesize by about 200 kilobytes. Thanks to Vexorian for his great utility, and Conlan of Hiveworkshop for the recommendation!

A Land Divided AoS version 3.2 Final: Map Function Changes

 - Relocated one of the training camps in the southern side of the map to more equally distance it from the player base, in proportion with the other bases.

 - Fixed a bug that was causing some base towers to shoot and engage creeps through the woods when uncovered by a flying unit&apos;s sight radius.

 - Set it so that vision of the recipe vendors can be accessed from anywhere in the map, no longer obscured by fog of war.

 - Cloak of Elusion now grants &quot;Elusion&quot; rather than &quot;Shadowmeld&quot;.

 - Revised Collision size for heroes to better reflect their body sizes

 - Increased hero kill bounty from 300 to 450 gold.

 - Added intentionally vague, though existent, tooltips to the elemental spellbook item abilities. They&apos;re spellbooks, they aren&apos;t supposed to be easily read! :D

 - Increased the effectiveness of Monolith base defense towers.

 - Hero mana is now fully restored upon resurrection.

 - Slightly increased movement speed for some caster heroes.

 - Cloak of Elusion now grants &quot;Elusion&quot; rather than &quot;Shadowmeld&quot;.

A Land Divided AoS version 3.2 Final: Hero Ability Changes

The Scarab Lord&apos;s &quot;Lord of the Depths&quot; ability has been changed so that he can now move while burrowed, but the ability now has an extended cooldown and a limited duration. His regeneration while burrowed has been increased to reflect the new duration limitation.

Reduced duration of Wendigo&apos;s &quot;Abominable&quot; ability at all ranks.

Mana cost of Ravager&apos;s &quot;Enrage&quot; ability has been increased at all ranks.

Changed Ravager&apos;s &quot;Dismemberment&quot; ability from an area of effect damage-on-kill ability, to a single target damage chance-on-hit ability.

Reduced Dragonlord&apos;s Bloodline ability to 30 second duration from 45, at all ranks.

Dragon Ward&apos;s damage reduced slightly at ranks 2-5.

Removed attack speed debuff component from Marksman&apos;s &quot;Fire in the Hole!&quot; ability.

Slightly increased the attack speed reduction of the Marksman&apos;s Mortal Shots ability.

Decreased the number of attacks required for the Ogre Magus&apos; Living Flames to replicate at all ranks.

Reduced cooldown time and duration for Barbarian Chieftain&apos;s &quot;Bloodrage&quot; ultimate at all ranks.

Reduced attack speed increase of Marksman&apos;s &quot;Shoot to Kill&quot; ultimate slightly at all ranks.

Decreased damage of Wild Guardian&apos;s ultimate &quot;Death from Above&quot; at final rank.

Decreased Dragonlord&apos;s base attack speed (both forms.

Increased mana cost for Vampire Lord&apos;s &quot;Creature of the Night&quot; at all ranks.

Increased damage bonus of Wild Guardian&apos;s &quot;Bullseye&quot; ability at all ranks.

Reduced Jotunn&apos;s base armor.

Reduced Scarab Lord&apos;s base armor.

Reduced the Battle Tank&apos;s base armor.

Slightly reduced the damage dealt by the Storm Witch Whirlwind&apos;s Forked Lightning ability.

Mana Cost of Leader of the Pack slightly increased at all ranks.

Knight commander&apos;s Man-at-arms ability has had its critical strike damage multiplier reduced slightly at final rank.

Slightly reduced effectiveness of Troll Headhunter&apos;s ultimate ability, &quot;Flurry&quot;.

Slightly increased the damage of the Horseman of Famine&apos;s Plaguebearer ability at all ranks.

Removed Movement speed component from Soul Harvester&apos;s ability &quot;Boneflesh&quot; ability.

Reduced the damage of &quot;Tempest of Destruction&quot; ultimate at ranks 2-5.

Daemonologist&apos;s ability &quot;A Feast of Souls&quot; mana regen rate has been increased at all ranks.

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