The snow that blankets these troll infested hills will chill you to the bone. Don't be mislead by the cozy start positions, for once you st...


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The snow that blankets these troll infested hills will chill you to the bone. Don't be mislead by the cozy start positions, for once you step outside your base, you will find that this unforgiving land offers very little cover.

As the name implies, the middle of the map is almost completely open, which means claiming an expo in the middle leaves you very vulnerable. This map is ideal for 4vs4, but it is designed so that four teams of 2 will also work. However, this map does not work very well for FFA.

Are you still wondering what the meaning of Agoraphobia is? "An abnormal fear of open or public places."

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Download '8agoraphobia.w3x' (121KB)

The reason this map does not work well as FFA , is that there is a tree wall in between each set of bases. This is so that as the game progresses, the bases begin to open up, thus adding to the name 'Agoraphobia'. I know that there are a lot of players out there who do not like tree walls period, so if you play my map and still feel that way, feel free to let me know. Please do not, however, complain if you have problems with it while playing it FFA.

Thanks and enjoy!

It should be noted that I did not submit an updated mini map. While there are some minor changes that would appear (such as cliff changes...) the basic lay out is the same, so I did not feel the need to change it.

1)Aesthetics- the 'fake' cliffs near the four inner gold mines were changed to look more natural. The fake cliffs near the neutral buildings were removed entirely.

2)Creeps- The creeps at the corners leading to the four inner gold mines are now all brown camps*. I added new green creep camps at each base near the trees in the corners, so each base has access to a green creep camp.

3)Neutral Buildings- I removed the mercenary camps and replaced them with goblin merchants so all four neutral buldings are the same ( which removes the staggering imbalance that Killfest2 commented on). I'm afraid that means there is not much variety of neutral buildings in this map, however I am toying with the idea of adding a dragon roost, on the cliffs in the four corners. However. this would meant that there would have to be four of them. When you give me feedback on my map, please vote yay or nay for the dragon roosts.

*When I go into the game, one of the brown creep camps, shows up green. I have not been able to figure out why, but as far as I can tell, it is no different from any of the others.

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