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Many of you are going to say 'finally'. I'll just say enjoy. Oh and remember to read the readme regarding my staff search.

In this two level demo you controll a party led by a human named Geldon Stormrider and a dwarf by the name of Tal'drun the Short.

It is worth to say that the second mission is a base building one near the end. You will get a chance to train two new units (Magic Golem and Mage) and construct three new buildings.

This demo has custom spells/ abilities, units and upgrades




Dear Player!

Thank you for downloading Almanac of Agilander demo! If you have this program from other source than www.warcraft3files.com you are asked to mail me at [email protected]


Almanac of Agilander has been invented by me on the summer of year 2002. All charachters (charachters NOT the models they use of course), name and the story is copyrighted by Michal Dalek. 
By downloading this program and/or acquiring it in any other way you agree not to redistribute it. 
By downloading this file and/or acquiring it in any other way you agree not to edit it (unless for private war3 editor learning use). 
By downloading this program and/or acquiring it in any other way you agree not to modify its contents and then redistribute it.

Almanac of Agilander Copyright 2002 by Michael Dalek
Now for the fun part:


If there is anything you can do to help me with the creation of Almanac of Agilander (and I mean anything) mail me at [email protected] . If you are a talented (or not talented) voice actor then mail me! If you are a talented (or not talented) artist then mail me. If you ae good with the editor (or what? Not good of course! ;)) then you know what to do!



Unzip the AOAD file to your campaigns category located in the warcraft main dir.

Story Briefly:

The king of Agilander, Atnor II visited the dwarven capital city of Kah'darl to meet with the dwarven king Montak the Old. During the meeting a man arrived who claimed to be a messenger from the human city of Gregoria. According to his words the city is under siege by rebels led by a man by the name Laerkan. Atnor departed immediatly with his personal guard commanded by lord Geldon Stormrider. Two days later Montak the Old sent his Urjar (Royal Guard) Tal'drun the Short to ascertain the situation in Agilander...

But the full story begins about a week earlier...
The current staff members are not mentioned either here or in the game itself cause the thing they have done so far have not been used in the demo but are due in the full version.

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