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We have a first time Warcraft3Files file submitter amongst our midst...azjh is here to supply, for your gaming enjoyment, a six vs three tag style map. For all of you animal lovers, and/or closet PETA supporters, you will appreciate this can choose from an assortment of cute furry animals; There are also three hunters to choose from, and all have special abilities. ANIMAL TAG Azjherben is still a WIP, (Work In Progress) and is in the process of being tested, so any and all constructive crititisms would more then likely be appreciated by the developer.

Some of the features of this map include:

  • The available Animals:
    • The Rabbit
    • The Frog
    • The Wolf
    • The Raccon
    • The Chicken
  • The available Hunters:
    • The FireHunter
    • The Mechanical Hunter
    • The Water Hunter
  • Ten good hiding places

As this is a WIP, azjh hopes to have a revised version released soon, until then, enjoy ANIMAL TAG Azjherben (v0.85) and happy gaming! The developer has also stated that, at this time, there are no screenshots available, but some will be sent in soon.

Refer to the readme for additional information.

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This map features a six V.S. three tag game. You can chose from the rabbit frog wolf raccon or chicken. There are three hunters the fire hunter the mechanical hunter and the water hunter. With special abilitys for every animal and hunter and anti-camp features. This map is still being worked on as this is still in the process of being tested. So it really should not be edited. My email address is palfierixyz[AT] Hopefully a new map will come out soon. Also hunters can buy items and level up in this version unlike they could before. This map also now includes 10 good hideing places. This is map version 0.85 .

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