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Saishy has enjoyed playing this Tower Defence map (originally created by Arkguil back in 2002) so much, that he revamped it, a...


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Saishy has enjoyed playing this Tower Defence map (originally created by Arkguil back in 2002) so much, that he revamped it, and gave it a new life. Arkguil Tower Defense comes with a player suggestion of between 2 and 10, which is pretty good depending on the number of players that may be available to play.

The objective is pretty straight forward, first and foremost...stay alive! Aside from the primary objective, to have some fun, you will have to try to survive through the hordes of creeps that will be coming at you, (incidentally, their objective is to try to keep you from accomplishing your primary objective...) and protect the people in the cathedral.

To break it down for you: Prevent the attackers from reaching the cathedral. You will need the Utility Tower Builder to win this. Carefull, some monsters will attack, build more resistance towers to block them. The first air wave is at lvl 10, they are strong and fast.

Some of the changes made over the previous version include: Corrected bugs and difficulty of 3.13 Many issues corrected. Many Towers changes.

Refer to the readme for more information.

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This is a very old Tower Defense, made in 2002, with a new look and changes. Try to survive trough hordes of
creeps and protect the people in the cathedral.
Read readme for details.

Players suggested: 2 to 10.

----------  --------------  --------- -------------------------------------------------
24/07/2002  Arkguil         2.00      Fixed Ending and generated Shadows.
24/07/2002  Arkguil         2.01      Added attack to attackers units.
24/07/2002  Arkguil         2.02      Changed Price of Ice(+10) and Lightning(-10)
24/07/2002  Arkguil         2.03      KickVote System(tm) added and Spawn Timer 
24/07/2002  Arkguil         2.04      Fixed Ending, Level 24 and Boss
25/07/2002  Arkguil         2.05      Added Evilseeds's Give Gold Command, Balanced 
                                      Monsters / Towers
25/07/2002  Arkguil         2.06      Longer KickVote Timer (60 Sec), Fixed a possible 
                                      bug in KickVote
25/07/2002  Arkguil         2.07      Balanced level 25, Lowered Build time of Village 
                                      Protector and Peon
25/07/2002  Arkguil         2.08      Changed level 15 Monster (Lizard Sucked). Peon 
                                      should not be able to block monsters (as 
                                      originaly intended). Harder Bosses. Fixed terrain.
                                      Fixed a possible bug with Lives Count. Added 
                                      random sounds (Like every Tower D. Maps :P)
26/07/2002  Arkguil         3.00      Balanced monsters.
26/07/2002  Arkguil         3.01      Fixed Bad bug in 3.00
26/07/2002  Arkguil         3.02      Increased Boss Level Dificulty. Increased Ice Tower 
26/07/2002  Arkguil         3.03      Boss Level Too Hard. Added Vote System for Random Sounds
26/07/2002  Arkguil         3.04      Boss Level Still too hard. Added attack for Peons. Lowered Tower AC.
                                      Added Flying Level 26.
29/07/2002  Arkguil         3.05      Balanced Monsters / Towers. Added play sound command.
31/07/2002  Arkguil         3.06      Fixed Give Gold Command bug. Added Give Unit Command.
03/08/2002  Arkguil         3.07      Added Difficulty Setting. Increased Regen of Towers.
                                      Added a victory wait before it goes to cinematic.
                                      Selling System! No more Basic Tower. Was useless.
04/08/2002  Arkguil         3.08      Trees HP and AC Upped (Corrupted only). Selling Injured 
                                      towers will give 0 gold
05/08/2002  Arkguil         3.09      So many changes... 3.08 was so fucked :P
06/08/2002  Arkguil         3.10      New Selling Button on towers. Spell immune levels.
                                      Cannot sell towers while kickvote is active.
21/00/2007  Saishy          3.12      Map changed, and Quicksilver302 changes corrected.
22/00/2007  Saishy          3.13      Map changed again.
                                      Quicksilver302 changes removed.
                                      Difficult in inicial levels corrected.
                                      Web ability corrected.
                                      Units collision size changed to 0.
                                      Arrow Tower and Cannon Tower models corrected.
                                      Many others things corrected.
22/00/2007  Saishy          3.14      Corrected bugs and difficult of 3.13.
23/00/2007  Saishy          3.15      Many Towers changes.

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