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Azeroth Goldrush is an altered Hero Arena style map for Warcraft 3 expansion pack, The Forzen Throne. It was first...


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Azeroth Goldrush is an altered Hero Arena style map for Warcraft 3 expansion pack, The Forzen Throne. It was first developed by DoOs_101 who made the original versions of Goldrush, a mini-game style map yet known to be. Now it has been handed to Jade Wars developing team, under the executive of DoOs_101. Under the control of this newly developer group, Azeroth Goldrush is focused to be more competitive, entertaining, and strategic. Our long term expectations is to compete with the most frequently played map, DotA Allstars and introduce Warcraft 3 gamers an online system which we call JadeRankings that introduces the players an exciting level of gaming.

Game Description

Azeroth Goldrush is an altered Hero Arena style map and can be played under the conditions of various game modes. The dimension of the map is 98x98, which suits the needs of an arena style. This map can be played by a maximum of 10 players that translates into 5 versus 5, other than that 4 versus 4 or 3 versus 3 can still apply.

The notion of the game is to start by choosing a hero from taverns that appear at the start of the game. Each hero has its own purposes, strengths, weaknesses, attributes, and unique skills. The success of the game is determined mainly by the cooperation of each hero in a team. As the battle between two teams strike hard, heroes will gain level and to a maximum level of 16.

Danger will endure in this flood of unstoppable battle, surviving from enemy heroes and the wilderness will be tough. Nonetheless, there are items that can support the needs of each hero and there are units that can be recruited from a Barrack, which can help each hero fight through the dangers.

Above all, the multiple game modes that make the game play under certain conditions will all deal with Gold Mines/Gold Shrines. These Gold Shrines will appear like a magical box that glows yellow and there are 5 Gold Shrines in the map. For each game modes, heroes will have to interact with these Gold Shrines and it can be done by using an ability called Capture (Hotkey: Q) which all heroes have. The ending of the game and a team’s victory will depend on the conditions that are applied by a game mode. Only 1 game mode applies to a game and can be done by the first player typing a corresponding short label of the game mode.

Game Modes

Conquest String command: -co There are two teams; each team gets 200 force points. The first team that causes the opposing team to lose their force points to 0 will win. A team can cause the opposing team to lose a force point in two ways. First, killing an enemy hero will reduce the opposing team’s force points by 1. Second, capturing a gold mine/gold shrine will cause the opponent to lose 1 force point periodically (the periodic time is determined by the game speed). If multiple gold mines/gold shrines are captured, the amount of force points the opponent team loses will stack, thus having more captured gold mines/gold shrines will cause the opposing team’s force points to lose faster.

Expansion String command: -ex There are two teams; each team must conquer all five gold mines/gold shrines that exist in the map. If a team conquers all five, there will be a 5 minute period where the opposing team have to retake over 1 gold mine, else they will lose.

Deathmatch String command: -dm There are two teams; each team will start with 0 score. If a team reaches the maximum amount of score, it will win the game. The maximum amount of score is determined by the game speed, the default maximum amount of score is 30. A team can gain a score by killing an enemy hero. A team can also gain 3 scores by capturing a gold mine/gold shrine.


JadeWars provides a unique competitive expirience to Warcraft III gamers around the world. We are proud to deliver the first online ranking system that can be integrated with Warcraft III custom maps. The online rank table can be accessed through the official site at Our online ranking system can process encrypted codes that players get from playing JadeWars integrated maps. We use this encrypted code to collect player data and use it to sort players that are registered in our JadeWars rank table. In general, when you play maps that are JadeWars integrated, you will receive an encrypted code that will likely help improve your reputation in JadeWars. This unique encrypted code is what the online ranking system uses to extract the scores or reputation from registered accounts that have uploaded their code into the website. To join the online rankings, you will need to setup an account first. Make sure to fill in the required data fields and that you fill in the id that you use to play our maps. The id that you fill in must match the one that the encrypted code uses to authenticate. After your account is setup, if you don’t have a code, start playing one of our maps. Winning a game will get you +2 score, losing a game will get you only +1 score. The encrypted code will be given to you at the end of the game. Once you receive this code, upload it to your account in this website. When playing another game, you will need to load your progress using your current code. Keep doing this and you will be one of the top players in our rank table!

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Download '2.07cazeroth_gtggg.w3x' (1.04MB)


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Changelog 2.07c
Terrain updated with new obstacles.
Terrain updated with new vendor models.
Terrain pathing fixed.
Hero Ice Mage moved to Barney's Inn tavern.
Hero Blazing Lotus nerfed.
Hero Blazing Lotus Firewall duration changed to 3,4,5 with damage per second 60,70,90.
Hero Blunderbluss Rifleman Cloud Bomb no longer targets allied units.
Hero Vindicate Priest Gravemancer is now fixed.
Hero Spiritualist Divine Regeneration now have a different spell effect model and ability icon.
Hero Spiritualist Enchanted now have a different spell effect model and ability icon.
Hero Spiritualist Empower now have a different spell effect model, ability icon, and is slightly nerfed.
Hero Haruspex ultimate skill changed to Multiple Boulder Fist.
Hero Ranger Disruption skill changed to Arrow Shot.
Hero Far Seer ultimate skill changed to Lightning Orb.
Interface string chat messages changed.
Unit Scout Tower costs 800 gold, has 5 small armor, and hitpoints 1000.
Unit Watch Tower upgrade costs 200 gold, has 10 large armor, and 1500 hitpoints.
Unit Cannon Tower upgrade costs 300 gold, has 10 fortified armor, and 1500 hitpoints.
Unit Arcane Tower upgrade costs 100 gold, has 5 large armor, and 1000 hitpoints.
Unit Mortar costs 300 gold.
Unit Rifleman costs 200 gold.
Unit Footman costs 150 gold.
Unit Siege Engine costs 250 gold.
Unit Priests costs 135 gold.
Game all items are changed.
Game all items are classified.
Game each specific item class has a vendor.
Game old vendors changed to new class representatives vendor.
Game hero stock start delay changed to 30 seconds.
Game standard mode will be selected after 15 seconds unless hosts types a game mode.
Game expirience balance system added, higher level heroes gain less exp, vice versa.
Item Ensnare costs 400 gold, contains 2 charges.
Item Mine costs 400 gold, contains 1 charge.
Item Dynamite no longer exists.
Item Earthquake Trap no longer exists.
Item Lightning Trap costs 400 gold, contains 2 charges.
Item Nova Trap costs 500 gold, contains 1 charge.
Item Tick-tick Bomb costs 900 gold, contains 1 charge.
Item all traps and mines have a 30 second cooldown placement.
System Multiboard bug fixed.
System Deathmatch title display fixed.
System Conquest title display fixed.
System Multiboard system refined.
System Multibar system fixed.
System Quest System refined.
System leveling balanced.
System gold shrines provide periodic income.
System commission penalty is greater for every captured gold shrines.
System capture animation changed.

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