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robertop has released the newest version of his Battle Tanks mod, this mod is from the popular Battle Tanks by N-a-z-g-u-l. The mod includes...


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robertop has released the newest version of his Battle Tanks mod, this mod is from the popular Battle Tanks by N-a-z-g-u-l. The mod includes many changes to help improve the game dynamics. This is an un-official version/mod of the original Battle Tanks, and once again, robertop has come through, and released his newest version of his popular mod Battle Tanks MG!

This version brings alot of changes so your gaming experience is enhanced! The war between Light Forces and Dark Forces must end! Buy tanks, weapons and equipment and destroy your enemies base!

Refer to the Readme for the complete changelog.

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Download 'battle_tanks_6.68b_eng_mg.w3x' (363KB)

VISIT for the current version.

Version 6.68b LITE: 
-Balanced some weapons.
-Fixed Assimilate bug.
-Fixed Combination item bug.

Version 6.68a LITE: 
-Skinz Creep now attacks ground also.
-Fixed bugs.
-Fixed Combination Items.

Version 6.68 LITE: 
-Upon death, only hero ability cooldowns will reset.
-Fixed Trading bugs.
-Fixed Other bugs.
-Added 3 new helpers.
-Added enhanced combination items.
-Balanced some weapons.
-Reduced map lag for slower computers.
-Changed base towers and buildings.
-Increased Random Gold Coin value.
-New Anti-Teleport Bug Weapon.
-New -ms command that displays your vehicles current speed.
-Upgraded assimilate helpers will now return 50% of the sold assimilate helpers cost.

Version 6.66d: 
-Fixed a major bug which didnt allow you to play the map (Caused by Map Optimizer Program).
-Added a neutral creep which will attack air units.

Version 6.66c: 
-Fixed a bug when trading.

Version 6.66a/b: 
-Fixed a bug with selection of Game-Mode.
-Decreased cost of flare.
-Moved assimilate item to Hero Trader building.

Version 6.66: 
-Trading system re-implemented and selectable for any game mode.
-Fixed Upgraded Weapons bug.
-Fix level 50+ ability bug.
-Attempted fix of CP teleporting "stuck" problem.
-Balanced new weapons.
-New "Shocker" weapon.
-New assimilate system. Start with no assimilate helper, and instead you purchase an assimilate helper, which is now a visible unit that follows you.
-Each assimilate helper has a special aura.
-Increased Air-Strike cooldown to 8 minutes.
-If struck by lightning in a storm, it will now cause damage.
-Neutral hostile units are spread around the un-used areas of the map.

Version 6.65a:
-Fixed Creep Upgrade bug.
-Fixed Upgraded Weapons bug.
-Added Upgraded Psycho Wave.

Version 6.65:
-2 New Weapons. (De-Atomiser and Napalm)
-Fixed Assimilate bug when using "-kick" command.
-Finished translating the map to ENGLISH. (I hope)
-Fixed Air-Strike item, which will now cause major damamge to buildings also. Cost increased to (2000 gold)
-Fixed Light Forces tank upgrade bug.
-Fixed Indestructable Castle bug.
-Automatic creep upgrades only affect creeps and not towers. Upgrades are faster when playing ULTRA RUSH.
-Fixed weapons fire delay bug.
-Improved Damage Detection System and removed memory leaks.
-Fixed terrain "trapped" bug.
-Re-arranged tanks and items.
-Fixed another money bug.
-Mana sheild removed.
-Mana upgrade adds 25 mana. Used to add 50.
-Max. TANK level is now back to LVL 50. (This means you'll have to select your tank upgrades carefully).
-Fixed some ability hot-keys.
-Increased spider difficulty as game progresses.
-New NOS speed pack, MAX SPEED 600.
-2nd Ability on all tanks require 100 mana to cast.

---------------------------------------- NEW SKILLS ----------------------------------------
-(Available when your tank reaches level 50, by using the Upgrade Circle)-
-Level 50+ Engineer can build laser towers.
-Level 50+ Infernal-Rock gets +10000 HP.
-Level 50+ Light Tank gets 5000 Range Rocket and double damage.
-Level 50+ Heavy Tank gets 10000 Range Rocket and double damage.
-Level 50+ Zeppelin gets +5 Armor & +100 Speed.
-Level 50+ Sky Tank gets +10 Armor & +200 Speed.
-Level 50+ Death Tank gets 2000 range/100 Damage per second death aura. (Consumes Mana)
-Level 50+ Tinker gets 5000 HP Damage explosives.
-Level 50+ Steel Robot gets Super-Ice Rain Ability.
-Level 50+ Wild gets +10 gold a second.
-Level 50+ Helicopter gets 5000 Range Rocket and double damage.
-Level 50+ Fire Tank gets +5000 HP, +5 Armor, +100 Speed.
-Level 50+ Goblin Tank gets Instant-Kill. (Large Cooldown & 150 Mana needed to cast)
-Level 50+ Hell Tank gets Super-Hell Fire.
-Level 50+ Thunder Tank gets Super-Thunder Storm.
-Level 50+ Guard gets 250 HP repair robots.

Version 6.64:
-Re-balanced weapons.
-Fixed Assimilate Disrupter Item.
-Tank Ability hot keys changed to Q,W,E,R,T
-Gold Spawning locations are more random.
-Boss fight can now happen in any of the 3 paths.
-Added different death messages.
-Creeps/Towers automatically upgrade every 6 minutes.
-Spell Shield has been split into 2.
-Fixed a major money bug.
-Remove the "stealer" weapon.
-Fixed "-da all" command.
-New "Flare" item.
-New Stats.
-Bug Fixes.

Version 6.63c/6.63d:
-Minor Bug fixes.

Version 6.63b:
-Re-balanced some more weapons.
-Fixed Assimilate Bug.
-Improved Tank Abilities.
-If a player leaves within the first 10 minutes, only have of the players money is distributed.
-New game mode (Ultra Rush) Start with 30k.
-New Loading Screen.
-New Terrain.
-Death Tank has new Ability.

Version 6.63a:
-Re-balanced Air Strike.
-Fixed Terrain Bug.
-Fixed Upgrade System Bug.
-Added a message telling you when you have an upgrade available.
-Fixed Assimilate Dummy unit bug.

Version 6.63:
-New Tank (Engineer) which can build Towers.
-New tank upgrade system.
-Limited stock when purchasing tanks.
-All weapons and upgrades have a re-stock delay.
-Certain weapons and upgrades only available after xxx amount of time.
-Re-balanced Boss fight.
-Re-balanced Thors Hammer/Fire Pulse and Stealer.
-Spell Shield is 2k now.
-The De-assimilate command has been shortened from "-deassim x" to "-da x".
-The De-assimilate ALL Ability each tank had has been removed and replaced by typing the following command "-da all".
-Tower ranges have been increased and HP has been balanced.
-3 Entry points to each base.
-Flying units can no longer fly over the base walls, and really high terrain.
-New Air Strike item. 1 shot = (5000dmg with a 1300 range cost: 3k).
-New Assimilated Weapon Disrupter item (Targets Assimilated weapons stop firing for 5 secs).
-New Base Tower. EMP tower has chance to critical strike and has a slowing aura.

Version 6.62f:
-Random Gold Time and Sharing Bug fixed.
-Small/Large Explosives can now be assimilated.
-Re-Balanced Bosses.  Losing teams Boss will be stronger during the fight.

Version 6.62e:
-Random Gold will disappear 20 seconds after it spawns.
-Spawned Gold once collected is equally shared between the team, with the player who collected it getting a bonus 50 Gold.
-Yet another attempt to fix the assimilate bug, although this time if it does happen you will not lose your weapon.
-Stealer Weapon chance is now 2.5%

Version 6.62a/6.62b/6.62c & 6.62d:
-More Bug fixes. (Completely Re-Coded Assimilate System)

Version 6.62:
-The area the Random Gold appears is now dependant on how strong the team is.
-"-give" command after 10 minutes loop hole has been fixed and changed to 15 minutes.
-Purchasable bosses have been balanced and given names.
-2 New multi-shot weapons.

Version 6.61:
-Purchasable bosses..
-"-give" command only works after 10 minutes of game play.

Version 6.6:
-Balanced some weapons.
-Improved Tank Upgrades. (Level 2 Tanks are faster, more HP, +1 Armor)
-New "-list" command, which displays all you currently assimilated weapons.
-New "-deassim x" command, which allows you to de-assimilate a single weapon.
-Spawning Gold now has a random value.  (No longer 1000 Gold).
-All flying tanks are slower in speed than ground tanks. (Game had become Battle Flying Tanks MG).
-Bug Fixes. (Trading System has been turned off until its fixed. (LOW PRIORITY)).
-Spell Shield cool down now works.

Version 6.58d:
-Fixed a bug in the stats displayed at the end of the game.
-Fixed a bug with the assimilate weapons. They would attack even though the player was dead.

Version 6.58c:
-Fixed a bug in the assimilate system.

Version 6.58b:
-Random 1000 Gold spawning during play.
-12 New weapons (8 of which are special weapons)
-5 New items
-New terrain layout.
-Assimilate System allowing tanks to carry up to 12 weapons.
-2 New tanks.
-Upgradeable Tanks.
-2 Entry points at each base.
-1 boss protecting the main entry point of each base, which will fight the enemy boss during game play.
-Neutral Aggressive Spiders spawn at a random control point.
-Control points are Neutral at the start of the game, thus any team can capture them.
-Countdown text is displayed when taking over a control point.
-Fog of war option added at the start of the game, selectable by the host.
-Added a Free For All game mode, which is currently still BETA.
-New statistics when game is completed.

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