Blood Map



survivors leaded by Lor'themar Theron in the absence of Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider, were taken south into lower forgotten parts of Eversong, in a land not scarred by elven magics, there near the ancient troll city of Zul'Aman they found a long forgotten valley... In that valley they found hope of rebirth. But soon all changed... the long forgotten Empire of Zul'Aman has raised again with the help of the the TRUE Horde: the Dark Horde lead by Warlord Rend Blackhand, their forces have too learned of this valley, and so they marched North-West to it.The Night Elves of Kalimdor have watched from afar too long what monstrosities that the Dark Horde done too it's lands and they were disgusted by the fell magic imbibed in the trees of Eversong Wood, they sailed in force over the Great Sea to take that valley and establish a foothold in Eastern Kingdoms.But another forced lurked around, the Lich Kings Scourge... they had arrived here to greaten their ranks and eradicate the life of all living.Now its your time to choose, what faction will you lead:The new founded Blood Elves;The Dark Horde of Blackrock;The mysterious Night Elves;Or the dreaded Scourge...


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