Blood of Heroes - Planes of Oblivion



This map is made by DG!Mortal. At the beginning you choose hero who you'll guide through the game and your job is to kill specific number of enemies (other heroes). On the way to meet with other heroes you will have to fight with creeps on your way and on that way you will collect needed experience and resources with which you can buy dozens of items which you can combine. For more information visit Blood of Heroes forum:




ChangeLog 2.0c => 2.1a

-New Hero: Oxalam the Lightning revenant
-New Hero: Talisac the Default String
-New Hero: Infernal the Outfernal
-Steady shot bug fixed and recoded, damage and formula and name changed.
-Bloody hunter name changed to Buggy hunter the LagBringer.
-Corruption of the Souls fixed recoded.
-Golden Arrows recoded
-Dave forked life suction: single target, 1000 casting range, less manacost,1.5 seconds casting time.
-Death Haste bug fixed.
-Minincarnation bug fixed.
-Tiger roar now has a longer cooldown 25>60.
-Typos fixed.

-New Combination: Akaviry SunderBlade.
-New Combination: Armor of Moghans.
-New Item: Runed Bracers.
-Mask of Head name changed to LeechLord is Ok! and life steal percentage t0 20 and price to 2000.

Commands and Modes:
-rsp (Random start positions)
single player mode win condition changed.

Hero Selection:
-Speed greatly enhanced
-Added a 10 second opportunity for players to set modes before hero selection.
-Added possibilty to choose random hero

-Number of Players increased to 8 players.
-New Zone: Planes of Oblivion.
-New Force: Daedras
-New Force: Mutants
-Multiboard functionality enhanced.
-Player 1 base's terrain fixed to prevent some abuses.

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