Burning Skull Shield



Thanks to a concerned member (who did not wish to be named), we have had some models supplied so that all of the Warcraft fans that visit this site can benefit from a little something extra in their gaming experience.

This model is a shield made of metal plates and single bones outstreatched, with a burning skull at the center. There are no custom textures needed.

See the readme for more information.



// N00byStance's RPG Burning Skull Shield [standalone]    //

This is another attachment model - burning skull shield.

No custom textures needed!

To import this model into your map, run Worldedit and use Import Manager. Click "Import" button, point to a NSRPG_shield_burningskullshield.mdx file, and click "Open". You can leave path as it is, it doesn't matter.

This model was made from scratch (except the skeleton skull), all credits go to N00byStance. If you use it in your map, give N00byStance credits!

Have fun (>^_^)>


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