Champions of Durance



This is a very intrested modified campaign/melee map with some very cool spells. Definitly download/comment worthy. Check the screenies below if you don't belive me!



Champions of Durance Public Alpha Test (v1.22)


- Warcraft III w/ expansion The Frozen Throne
- Pentium 4 2Ghz w/ 256mb ram or Athlon 
  equivalent. Champions of Durance is a 
  highly triggered map, and requires a stronger 
  computer for optimal play than does base 
  Warcraft III.

Installation Instructions

Simply decompress the Zipped "Champions of Durance.w3x" 
to your Warcraft III\Maps\Download folder.

Contact Info

Designer: Sud
email: [email protected]
CoD website: http://members.shaw.ca/Da_Sud/cod.htm
CoD Forums: http://dasud.proboards7.com/

Feedback is welcomed.

Game Information

Champions of Durance is a new kind of AoS, quite unlike 
any other. It emphasizes teamwork, intelligent use of 
skills, situational planning, and strategy, rather 
than iteming up your hero to uberness and attack moving 
the map to oblivion.

Gameplay aspects include:

- No heroes that are useless early game then become 
godly late game (or vice versa). Anything has a counter.
Intelligent purchasing of items will keep your hero
viable all game long.

- Skill based spells and abilities. If you're looking 
for auto-aim storm bolts and godly passives, this is 
not the map for you. Almost all of the hard hitting 
spells require prediction and aiming, adding both a 
new level of skillful play, and adding an interesting 
psychological factor, which reduces instances of 
"heroes standing on opposite sides of creeps pretty 
much ignoring each other while they farm/level up". 

- Team-oriented and objective based teamplay. As you 
progress in the game, knocking out objectives will 
increase the power of the entire team as a whole.

- Improved hero kill reward system. As players kill 
other players and accumulate items, their difficulty 
factor, or bounty, increases, giving any players 
that are able to kill them greater rewards. The player 
who loads himself up with too many items and foolishly 
dies has actually become a target of opportunity that 
an entire team will want to go after, rather than 
something everybody wants to avoid.

- Multiple VIABLE methods to achieve victory. Actions 
such as farming, hero killing, seiging, etc. all 
increase your personal wealth and that can be used to 
make the team stronger. Your team can spend its 
resources on powerful items, or build up its base to 
create stronger pushes, or build structures that 
benefit the entire team as a whole. Whether a team 
wishes to focus on strong pushes, or slaughtering 
the other team, all styles of play have a role.

- Almost every hero skill has been elaborately 
triggered by a real life software developer. Items 
come with many different effects bound to them 
(currently the most powerful item in the game 
carries over 11 effects!)

- A genuine learning curve that actually gives
the player an opportunity to improve in skill,
rather than handing him kills with no effort.

- Heroes are not "carbon copies" of each other, 
and strengths and weaknesses are emphasized for 
each individual hero. Agility heroes are fast 
and good shock troopers, strength heroes are 
great at front line operations, and mages are 
frail but pack some very powerful nukes.

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