Clash of the Heavens (Beta)

clash_of_the_heavens_beta_v0.9.9.1.w3m —


custom tracks included from various contributing artists. CotH is the biggest and final project by Ding760 and Team Zeheroth.CotH features 15 UNIQUE heroes for EACH team. With each hero capable of using his or her own individual special ability that can change the outcome of the game. CotH is unrivalled in Warcraft III when it comes to teamwork and team tactics.This is a Beta, and hence all opinion and suggestions are welcome. Please visit www.teamzeheroth.webs.com to submit your opinion and view or any bugs.Many thanks to Phyrnna, OcularNebula, r4bbit, F4LL0UT, balderdact, JEBBAL, corbetweller, Nijg, AtomicBucket, larrylarrybb and i9incher for their amazing custom music! CotH would not be the same without their contributions.Further thanks goes to OmegaPrime, Beatrix[TDOE], ArianaKitty and solitudesimon for their tireless dedication in testing CotH.Enjoy CotH and have fun!


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