This map is based on two concepts : - Cluedo BoardGame - "Murder in Town" kind of game

Usual Haunted Mansion stuff :

> Killer take...


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This map is based on two concepts : - Cluedo BoardGame - "Murder in Town" kind of game

Usual Haunted Mansion stuff :

> Killer taken randomly among the players > Very wide space, an incredible mansion with kitchen, dinning room, hall, garage, swimming pool, huge garden and graveyard > Choose who you think is the killer at the end of the game, if you are right, fight him !! > If the killer kills everyone three lifes, he wins.

Cluedo new ideas :

> Clue System : - A multitable takes note of all clues found by the players - You can see who was where and with which weapon - At the end, the game gives you 9 cards (you know that none of these could be in the profile of the murderer)

> The killer doesn't have to move it's victim, the special AI does it for him !! > You can drive a car or a boat and even ride a horse. > The killer can now launch the net over himself !! This is not a clue anymore !! > When you are dead, you become a soul, so you can keep searching... > You can fight some evil guys, such as a Zombie, Dracula or even the Werewolf !! > And so many secrets to find...

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Type : Haunted Mansion
Players : From 3 to 8 Player(s)
Time : Last from 3 to 12 minutes

Welcome in the Haunted Mansion of Cluedo !!
Detective Notes 
Dr. Black - found dead on Saturday evening at approximately 8.45pm. The body was found at the foot of the stairs leading to the cellars, on a spot marked "X". Miss Scarlett found the body. Apparently, her screams were heard in the village nearby! Does Miss Scarlett protest too much? 
Cause of death has yet to be determined, but there are several likely objects around the house that could have been used: 
- Knife - found in the Garden
- Candlestick - found in the dining room 
- Revolver - found in the Church 
- Rope - found in the Attic
- Lead Pipe - found in the Library
- Book - found in the kitchen 
- Tomahawk - Found in the Graveyard
- Wrench - Found in the Swimming Pool
Chief suspects have to be the guests who are here for the weekend. They are: 
- Col. Mustard (Yellow) 
- Prof. Plum (Purple) 
- Rev. Green (Green) 
- Mrs. Peacock (Blue) 
- Miss Scarlett (Red) 
- Mr Boddy (Teal)
- Dr. Mandarin (Orange)
- Miss Rose (Pink)
All seem anxious to talk! 
- Fenixd84 - (

 How to play

> Run around the Board (Keep moving, it makes the game harder for the murderer)
> Collect Clues :
 - Weapon Clues : You can find the weapons anywhere on the map, hidden in the grass (right click on them)
 - Room Clues : You just have to walk in the different areas of the map, and it will appear in the board
 - Suspect Clues : If the Killer doesn't kill anyone during 1 minute, one of the unguilty suspect will be shown.
> Wake up Dracula, Free the Werewolf. If you kill them with the church's holyfire, you will get other clues.

Killer :
> Kill all Victims (including yourself) 3 times and you will win the game
> Control your victim until he is out of the house, then, let him/her free !!
> Discuss during the game (you are supposed to be too busy to do it)
> Do not hesitate to find clues at the begin
> Don't let the Clue timer reach 0 !!!

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Needs : Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne

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